How To Take Care Your Real Hair Underneath The Weave or Wig

how to take care hair under weave

Women have worn weave for many centuries. It is quick and you can find one in pretty much any style you want and if you can’t you just get it made to your liking. One reason some women wear weave is because they are trying to prevent anymore or future damage to their actual hair. Sometimes women forget that putting a weave in dose not necessarily mean your hair underneath is being protected.

How To Take Care Hair Under Weave

Neglecting to protect your hair while it is under the weave could eventually cause it to become dry or no length retention. It does not take too much to maintain your hair underneath but always keep in mind that moisture helps growth.

Squeezing water and leave in conditioner in a spray bottle or a squeeze bottle can help keep the hair moisturized during your hair of hibernation. Only do this once a week because if hair is always wet it could mildew and become really smelly. Also add you favorite oil into the squeeze bottle.

moisturize hair under weave

In another squeeze bottle add your favorite oil whether it is olive oil, coconut oil or wild growth oil and that can be applied daily. Be careful because some drops may fall onto your scalp. It also helps with the itching. Moisturizing your hair is the key to maintain good healthy hair underneath your weave. You will get good results when it is time to take the weave out.

Make sure you note that leave-in conditioners leave better results when adding conditioner in your bottle.