How to Grow Natural Hair Long and Fast

Natural hair seems to be the new trend in the black community. But some women have tried it and came out with unsuccessful results and they decide to never try it again. Well you can have that healthy kinky, long hair with the proper care. You have to take the proper steps to make sure you hair is manageable and healthy enough to grow. The oldest part of you hair is your ends and that is the most important part you take care of because it is easier to break. Follow the steps below to learn how to grow natural hair long and fast.

black women natural hair

How to Grow Natural Hair Long and Fast

Shampoo and conditioner:

Since we were old enough to understand black women were told that if we wash our hair too much it will become dried out…WRONG! You should wash your hair once a week or every other week. Your choice whether to use shampoo and conditioner but it does need to be washed. Our hair actually needs water for the moisture and to prevent breakage. Also you need a clean and healthy scalp to even begin growing your natural hair long and fast.


If you do choose to wash your hair with Shampoo make sure you choose a Sulfate-Free moisturizing shampoo because other shampoos can strip your hair of it’s natural oils.

how to grow natural hair long and fast

Deep condition your hair:

Breakage occur in your hair when it is dry and brittle. Keep your hair moisturized by deep conditioning it once a week. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR HEALTHY GROWTH. You can condition it with a plastic cap on with under the dryer for 20-30 minutes or you can go without heat for an hour. Of course once again do this once a week. If needed you can do a protein treatment at least every 6 weeks. ALSO REMEMBER that tangled hair cause breakage as well so comb your hair with a wide tooth comb or denman brush after the conditioner is applied.

Rinse your hair with cool water:

Warm water opens your cuticles so for the final rinse use cold water to close your cuticles. After rinsing your hair use a water based leave-in conditioner. ALWAYS apply leave-in conditioner to your hair to retain moisture.

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Keep your hair moisturized!

SEAL the moisture in your hair by adding your favorite oil such as the following: Coconut oil, olive oil, or wild growth oil. Just whatever you want to use make sure you apply it to your ends as well because they are the oldest and most prone to break off. Your ends are the make it or break it deal to hair with long length.

Air dry or use limited direct heat on your hair:

First, always remember to apply a heat protectant such as grape seed oil before using heat. Heat should also only be used on clean hair.

natural hair growth for black women

Protect you hair at night:

Always sleep in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet or use a silk or satin pillow case. Other materials especially cotton can cause your hair to dry out. Cotton will absorb the moisture in your hair.

Growing your natural hair really isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Moisture is the key as well as practicing a healthy diet. So keep your body hydrated as well because a dehydrated body leads to dry and brittle hair.

[Credit: the shaunie project]