Easy Home Remedy Hair Treatments For Damaged Hair

home remedy hair treatments for damaged hair

There are many over the counter or prescribed hair treatments but when the cash flow is low or you just want to do things a little more natural there are actually products that are more helpful that is closer to home than you think. Many years’ women have experimented with home products such as oil, fruits, condiments, beer and even mud to see how it naturally compared to other hair products.

If you walk down a hair care aisle and look at all the labels, I guarantee that over 90 percent of them advertise that they have olive oil. Olive oil has no harsh chemicals and it coats the shaft of your hair helping it stay healthy and protected. You can use olive oil for dandruff treatments, to get rid of frizz and to add shine to your hair.

You usually use it once a week for about 30 minutes at a time in your hair then rinse it out. For oily or greasy hair instead of running to the hair store at the last minute reach into your cabinet and pull out the cornmeal (cornstarch). Sprinkle it on your dry hair and scalp then brush it out with a paddle brush after 10 minutes.

Home Remedy Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair – How-To

avocado hair treatment

You can do this treatment every other day. An avocado can be used to control frizzy hair. Just mash up half of an avocado and massage it in your hair. Leave it in for 15 minutes before you rinse it out with water. For dry or sun damaged hair apply ½ cup of honey to damp hair and let it sit for twenty minutes then rinse it out. To beef up the protection from the sun add avocado or egg yolk to add keratin to your hair. Keratin helps fight UV rays.

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