6 Unique Quick and Easy Styles For Box Braids / Twists

styles for box braids twistsStyles for Box Braids

Braids and twists are perfect protective hairstyles, especially for the summer season. Some women consider braids and twists as a summer style and others rock them all year around. They are stylish, low maintenance and a great way to reinvent yourself. They can be worn for weeks which makes the installation process worth it. Styling and maintaining braids/twists of any kind can be very tedious. This video will help you with the styling process. These styles are unique, quick and easy. Press Play and revive your braids/twists.

Styles for Box Braids / Twists Video

While the hair is in a protective, it is the perfect time to retain length. Do not neglect your hair while it is braided. Continue with the healthy hair habits: wash, condition and moisturize. A moisturizer/braid spray is ideal for moisturizing purposes. To better wash each braid, add equal parts water and shampoo in an applicator bottle and wash braids in sections. Make sure the braids are completely dried before styling as wet hair can lead to molding and knotting hair. Oil scalp regularly to prevent dry scalp. Finally, tie hair at night to preserve the braids/twists.

With the proper maintenance braids/twists can beneficial to your hair. Treat your them with care. Have fun with them. Enjoy your braids!

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[Video Credit: peakmill]