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There are many different styles for natural hair. Afros are some of the most common natural hairstyles. How do you take care of them and when it needs to be cut how do you make sure that you don’t cut too much off a certain section? Here are a few tips and hairstyles to when it comes to styling and cutting natural Afros.

Depending on your hair type and length cutting Afros can be a daunting challenge. I personally recommend going to a hair salon or even a barber shop since they are more experienced with cutting Afros. But if you want to do it yourself I would at least talk to a stylist to get some beginner pointers and the do’s and dont’s.afros

Afros, which is also known as natural hair, is the natural curly and kinky hair of the descendants of Africans and of mixed heritage people. Various political, cultural and fashion influences have all shaped the decisions about whether to wear natural Afro hair or to relax and perm their natural Afro hair. Afro hairstyles are very popular in the fashion world and more people are getting into styling natural hair to find their own sense of style and individuality.

Afros: Characteristics

There number of ways in which the natural hair of Africans differs from people with white hair. The follicles of natural Afros tend to be more curved, not straight. It is this curvature of the follicles that contributes to the curls of the hair. It is also one of the reasons why those with Afro hair very often develop ingrown hairs after shaving.

Afros tend to be dry because the hair is tightly coiled and the naturally produced oils are not able to flow down the curved follicles as easily as it does with straight hair. This is also one of the reasons why blacks don’t need to wash their hair as often as whites do – the hair just doesn’t get very oily. Women who have straight hair need to wash their hair every day or every other day, but those with natural Afro hair don’t. But it is important to wash Afro hair once a week when styling natural hair.

Areas of Concern with Natural Afros

Afros are known to form very small knots, which makes it fairly easy to create hair styles such as locks, but it also makes styling natural hair and combing it more difficult. This often results in difficulties brushing or combing hair without using excessive force or puling on the hair. It is inevitable that this forceful brushing and combing often leads to small breakages each day and this accumulates over time and becomes a bigger problem. Because of that, black women often don’t get the long natural hair they wanted and believe that their hair just does not grow, which is inaccurate.

Tips on Styling Natural Hair

Styling natural hair is often a big challenge and it takes lots of effort to get a really great look. When styling natural hair, it is necessary to wash hair after every 10-14 days, because otherwise you could suffer from scalp infections, dandruff or have bacteria grow on the scalp. Using conditioner and moisturizing shampoo is also crucial because it prevents moisture loss. When looking at the ingredients list, look for ingredients such as jojoba oils, coconut, argan, avocado, olive and shea butter.

If your Afro is already trimmed and you just need to maintain it. Wash and condition it weekly or bi weekly. It needs to be clean to hold a style. After washing it braid your hair into individual braids or cornrows in order to create extra texture and height when it dries. When the braids are almost dry moisturize it with a water-based hair moisturizing spray or lotion or natural oil. Avoid using heavy products! Use a wide tooth pick to shape your Afro. Start at the back of your head then pick out the sides, and finally the top and front sections.

You can leave your hairstyle as it is or your can add a headband or scarf to slick your Afro back. This is a great hairstyle to rock and easy to maintain even at night. All you have to do is make sure you use a satin cap or scarf and sleep on a satin pillow case.

These are a few tips to keep your beautiful natural Afro shaped fine and allow it to reach high heights all while looking hair chic stylish. 

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Similar Natural Hairstyles

Dreadlocks are quite popular in both women and men, but there are a few things you must keep in mind when styling natural hair. For example, if you have dreadlocks then use products that are designed for dreadlocks and it is necessary also to condition and shampoo hair after 3 weeks. Using a comb for dreadlocks is not good because it causes breakage, instead you should use your own finger tips to lock hair.

Braids are extremely popular as well and they come in a wide range of styles that can be done in a salon or even at home. It is necessary to protect the hair by oiling them once a week and in order to make sure the braids are always in tip-top shape, visit the salon regularly for touch-ups. When styling natural hair for braids, choose from braid styles such as kinky twists, braided buns, plaits or box and micro braids.

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