8 Natural Hair Problems All Naturals Can Relate To

The Struggle Is Real: 8 Natural Hair Problems That Are Too Hilarious Not To Share

There are some things that you just have to experience to really get. The natural hair journey is one of them. We’re all about embracing your natural texture and exploring new ways to style your hair. However, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that the journey comes with some seriously funny natural hair problems that all naturals can relate to.

Here’s a collection of 2017’s top tweets from real naturals about the process…and the problems of wearing natural hair.

8 Natural Hair Problems That Are Too Hilarious Not To Share

1.Β “Edge control” is purely theoretical

Some people like to lay them and some like to let them do their curly thing. But no matter what your goal, most of us try to do something with our edges. Usually though, those edges have other things in mind.

2. Wash day takes all day. Seriously, though.

Personally, we’ve simplified our routine because we can’t take an all-day wash day anymore. But some of y’all still like to pre-poo, detangle, co-wash, deep condition, detangle again, oil, twist and air dry. And that’s the short version. That’s commitment.


3. A moment of silence for all of the combs, hair ties and bobby pins that have been lost, broken or destroyed in the name of natural hair

We can only imagine what naturalistas have done for the hair tie and bobby pin industry. I’m sure they have never sold as many of these things as they do to us. Hmmm…time to invest in a comb factory?


4. The products. Lord, the products!!

It’s ironic that natural hair should be so expensive. We have never spent this much money on hair products before. And once you find that Jamaicon Black/Eco Styler gel/Carol’s Daughter/Shea Moisture magic that works for you, it had better be in stock when you’re trying to buy more!



5. Styling can be…challenging.

We love the YouTube naturalistas who seem to have their hair completely under control and can somehow manage more than two hairstyles. Bless their hearts. But for us, it’s (1) a fro or (2) a fro with one side pinned up. Yes, that’s it. Hey, styling ain’t easy.



6.Β Fun fact: Nobody has ever done a consistent twist out. Ever.

Most of the time, it won’t come out the way you expect. Including the time when it comes out exactly like you wanted. Our advice: take a picture when you get that twist out right. That way, the next time it turns out looking crazy (and it will), you can hold the up the picture and say, “no, this is what I really look like….”


7.Β Natural Hair: If you think you look good now, wait until tonight, girl.

You spent all that time getting your fro looking even all the way around, or getting that twist out just so (you took a picture and everything). You looked good today. But what you do tonight will make or break your next day look. You might even be forced to roll the dice on a wash & go in the morning (see point #2).



8. Oh, yeah. And hair spiders.

Those wispy, dark clumps of hair that look like spiders were scary enough. Then came the day when I reached to pick one up and it started running. I thought it was a bunch of hair strands but it was actually a centipede. I haven’t been right since.


What’s your favorite funny natural hair problem? We want to know!

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