Six Tricks: How to Get Your Hair to Grow Fast Naturally

how to grow natural hair faster

Are you looking how to get you hairs to grow faster naturally, without dangerous and expensive products? Is that growing your aggravation? If it is so then stop your aggravation now and learn how to make your hairs grow quickly.

How to Grow Natural Hair Faster!

Trim your hair frequently

Even if you can go months without a full haircut, it is best to get a trim every six to eight weeks. A long strand of hair is less vibrant and healthy near the end of the strand. Keep hair trimmed and your body uses less energy and fewer nutrients to maintain those old ends. It is no different than pruning scraggly branches from a rose bush and it’s among the easiest ways to grow hair.

Give yourself a hot oil scalp massage

How to grow hair naturally, without chemicals you don’t need to spend a fortune on special products to do this. Olive oil or coconut oil from the grocery store works quite well. Just make sure it doesn’t have any additives. You want pure oil. Heat it up and rub plentiful amounts into your scalp and you will rejuvenate your follicles quickly.

Egg whites-an old trick that works!

Your hair is comprised mainly of proteins. Tired hair lacks some of these proteins and therefore grows slower. Egg whites are loaded with these essential proteins that may be missing form your hair. Separate the yolks from a few eggs and rub the egg whites into your hair, the protein in the egg whites immediately medicate your hair and you will notice a difference right away.

Stay hydrated

With all the talk about drinking water for the body’s sake, little is said about the hair. But your hair is like any other body part. It needs a good supply of moisture to stay supple and resilient. Drinking those eight, i-ounce glasses of water day helps your whole body, especially your hair. In the dry, winter months, drink a couple extra glasses.

Be gentle with your hair

This advice may seem trite, but it is totally applicable. You take care not to scratch and burn your skin. So go easy on your hair. Don’t rush when you brush, and if your brush tangles your hair, you may need one with different bristles. Avoid blow-drying whenever possible. Air drying may take more time, but your hair will retain the natural moisture it needs to stay healthy and grow.

Don’t skimp on eating protein

Again, your hair is comprised of protein. When your body doesn’t get enough of it, it starts to show up in your hair. Your hair is on the outside of your body, so it is last to receive protein nourishment. There are plenty of protein-rich foods, and not just meats and eggs. Nuts, seeds and many other plant-based foods provide lots of protein without the unhealthy fats.

[Photo Credit: blackgirllonghair]