THS Interviews Kerryn @relaxedkerryn on her Relaxed Hair Journey

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Kerryn Relaxed Hair Journey Interview

Hi there, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey! Im Kerryn and im 24 years old. I was born and currently live in Baltimore, MD. I’m enrolled in a community college majoring in psychology, and pursuing a hospitality career. My dream is to become a flight attendant. Oh! And i’m on a healthy hair journey to beautiful relaxed hair. 🙂

THS: What is the state of your hair?

Kerryn: I’m transitioning from natural to relaxed hair. About a year ago i decided to go natural and while my hair was absolutely beautiful with all those curls, i couldnt control it! I felt it took just as much time if not more time to tend than when my hair was natural. So i decided to get a relaxer and go on a relaxed hair journey.

THS: How old were you when you got your first relaxer?

Kerryn: I believe my first relaxer was when i was 11. I always wanted one because of my mother. She looked sooo good coming out of the hair salon. Her hair was always so long and straight, so i asked to go to the salon with her.

THS: Can you take us through your relaxed hair journey & experience?

Kerryn: My hair came out really nice, and sleek with lots of bouncy curls. I was addicted to that salon look so much that i ended up abusing hair grease and oil. (That blue magic lol) I used so much oil, if you ran your fingers through my hair you could hydrate a thousand ashes knee’s. Looking back, it was really embarrassing but i didn’t know then what i know now.

It was only until a friend of mine did my hair one night that i realized i was doing it wrong. The difference? She used no oil and my hair looked and felt incredible. My hair was able to thrive on just a serum alone. From that day forward, I’ve never used grease or oil again. I’ve come a long way and i know a lot, but I’m always learning more everyday.

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THS: Have you ever consider going back natural?

Kerryn: Maybe one day, I’m going to be on this relaxed hair journey for awhile.

THS: Your hair is very healthy with a lot of body, how do you achieve that look?

Kerryn: I use a lot of voluminous shampoo’s and conditioners. I dont use any oil or grease so my hair isnt weighed down. I use CHI silk infusion and Smooth n Shine Spray on polisher. My hair is very thick so its easy to achieve voluminous hairstyles. I think the layers i have also add to my hairstyle.

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THS: You layers are to die for. Do you go to a professional?

Kerryn: Yes! Ive been going to my hairstylist for years. Her name is Crystal of Hairworks Salon in Baltimore. She is THE only person i trust to touch my hair besides me. She cuts the best layers into my hair, what ever i ask for she can make happen.

You can contact her salon here: (410) 644-0666 And here: @hairworxx

THS: How often do you trim your hair?

Kerryn: I trim my hair twice a year.

THS: Do you have any hair struggles now?

Kerryn: Right now my hair struggle is keeping moisture in my hair. I think it may have been the cold weather. Time to switch to a moisture rich shampoo!

THS: Do you have any advice for women with thin hair?

Kerryn: I’ve never really had a problem with the thickness of my hair, but i used to take this supplement called food grade diatomaceous earth. Its a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder. Most people take it for hair growth, but i took to see if my hair would get thicker. I had to stop taking it because the texture of my hair began to change. It was getting way too thick. You should definitely give it a try, but also do your research first!

THS: Who is your “Hairspiration”?

Kerryn: My hairspiration is @thehappyashley. She has the most beautiful relaxed hair ive ever seen, and its so long!! Ive been following her for awhile now. I hope to get my hair as long and as healthy as hers.

THS: Your mother’s hair is gorgeous. What’s her regimen?

Kerryn: She washes every 2 weeks. I make her use most of my hair products lol. She doesnt use oil of any kind either and also always wraps her hair every single night. She’s probably more obsessed with her hair than i am with mine!

THS: What is your hair regimen?

Kerryn: I wash my hair once a week, usually in the middle of the week. I have various types of shampoo’s. Some for moisture, some for volume. After i wash i always use a conditioner, and its mostly conditioners for body and volume. I towel dry my hair for a minute. Then i use Its a Ten leave in conditioner to help untangle my hair.( I have relaxed hair but i have extremely curly hair that no relaxer can get rid of) Then i use CHI silk infusion to give my hair that smooth and silky feel. I blow dry my hair. After i blow dry i use Rusk Thermal Flat Iron Spray, and then flat iron. I ALWAYS wrap my hair before bed, that’s key to maintaining my hairstyle through the week.

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THS: What is one hair product you can not live without?

Kerryn: I would have to say my BellaBeauty ceramic flat iron. My hair wouldnt be what it is with out my flat iron.

THS: How often do you straighten your hair? How do you prevent heat damage?

Kerryn: I straighten every week. To be honest i dont really suffer from heat damage.

THS: Do you take any hair supplements? What kind?

Kerryn: I take a biotin supplement that helps me retain my hair length. The brand is Spring Valley Biotin 5000mg. I take it every 2 days and consume lots of water.

THS: What is the secret to having beautiful, like yours?

Kerryn: There is no secret. In a nutshell, if you take care of your hair it will be healthy and look beautiful. I take care of my hair religiously. I know when its time to switch shampoo’s, or when to add serum. In a way i treat my hair like my baby. I know it maybe a bit much, but i want the best out of my hair. Just make sure you’re doing everything to make your hair happy, try new things and find a regimen that suits you.

THS: How can our readers contact you?

Kerryn: My Instagram is @relaxedkerryn. Im on Youtube at
My email is My kik is Lovekerryn

Kerryn: Feel free to contact me with any hair beauty related questions!

THS: It was great talking to you, Kerryn! Continue to grow!

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