Document Your Progress: Step One of Forming a Healthy Hair Journey

healthy hair journey

Document your progress–Step one of forming a healthy hair journey. When I cross path with women with long, beautiful healthy hair I often ask them, “what do you do to your hair” they often respond, “nothing”.
When I started taking better care of my hair I promised myself that I would be open to sharing and helping other women grow healthier hair. That’s my motivation for starting this blog. I will share with you the Steps to forming a healthy hair journey.

Healthy Hair Journey

Some women get relaxers every 6-8 weeks and complain that their  hair never grows. Please explain the “new growth” that you are relaxing (well that should be the only part that you are relaxing, but  that’s a whole other article). To help you see your growth you can start documenting your progress. You can look at it as a pictorial hair diary.

Healthy Hair Journey: Step one – Document your progress

Some women get discouraged because they don’t believe their hair is growing. You can start by taking a photo of your hair, you can take it in different states: natural, stretched, flat ironed. You can do a length check every 3-6months. I measure my progress with my bra strap, my  lower spine tattoo and also a horizontal striped shirt. Some women purchase a length check t-shirt which is very accurate. The goal is  to be as accurate as possible.

Please keep in mind that its not all about length. Generally, you will start seeing health before length because healthier hair will lead to longer, thicker, shinier hair. Below I will share my healthy hair journey with you through pictures.

February 2009, the beginning of my healthy hair care.

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[Photo Credit: Sophia.Clerius]