Wedding Hair Accessories – How to Pick The Right Ones For Your Big Day

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Wedding Hair Accessories – when it is time for that big day you want everything to be perfect. Everything up to that first kiss as a married couple. So when it is time to chose what hair accessory you want, if you will be wearing any wedding hair accessories make sure that it is just as important as picking your hairstyle.

Wedding Hair Accessories – How-To

Decide What your Wedding Hairstyle Will Be In Advance:

You will need to know more than if you are going to wear curls or and up-do. Figure out what style you are going to have. See if you are going to wear a high bun or a low bun, a head full or curls or wear it straight down. This will help give you an idea of what hairpiece would fit perfectly for your hairstyle. If you are blessed with long and thick hair and you are considering a high bun, then you would pick an accessory that is bigger to make sure it can stand the weight. Don’t chose a small one that barely anyone will notice.

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View Each Hair Accessory From All Angles:

When you go out for gown shopping, you look at your dress inside out and all around. You should do the same with your wedding hair accessories. The shape of your headpiece will influence how it looks from a distance and other angles.

Consider The Color Of The Metal:

The hue of the headpiece should compliment your wedding gown. If your dress is ivory, off-white or silver a stark white headpiece may be too bright for your gown. Make sure the style of your head piece matches your gown as well. Don’t chose a modern style headpiece with a vintage style dress.

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The adjustment of your headpiece can be viewed differently depending on how you place it. As a general rule of thumb the higher you place it the more dramatic the look. Apply them closer to your face if you want them to stand out more.


Make sure all of your wedding hair accessories work together in harmony. Your hairpiece and veil should compliment your look and not distract from it.

There are so many different hair pieces to chose from so have fun and make sure they compliment your look on your big day.

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