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Hair Icon | Our Top 10 Thandie Newton Hairstyles That Blew Us Away

We were huge fans of HBO’s Westworld this season, and were super excited to see Thandie Newton cast as Maeve, the baddie from the Wild West. Since we love the show, we jumped at the chance to do a profile on Newton. Her look tends to be classic and streamlined, which still gives her a wide range of styles. We pulled together a collection of the top Thandie Newton hairstyles we love right now.

Our Top 10 Thandie Newton Hairstyles:

Look #1: Straight Blunt Cut

It’s hard to beat a good blunt cut with a deep side part. Newton plays up the drama here with a teal-rimmed smoky eye.

Look #2: Braided Updo

We thought this look was pretty hot. We especially love the trend of celebrities wearing their hair in braids to formal events. And Newton keeps it real by doing her own makeup!!


Look #3: Curls Version 1 (Long & Loose)

Long, loose curls are one of Newton’s signature styles. The look is easy and beautiful.

Look #4: Curls Version 2 (The Shrinkage Is Real)

Now, we don’t know if this is a wig or her real hair, but it looks good!!! Plus, we can personally attest to hair that does version 1 on some days and version 2 on other days. It does look good, though.

Look #5: The Sleek Ponytail

Newton’s white columnar gown with flame detail at the bottom needed a hairstyle that wouldn’t compete with her dress. She opted for simple jewelry and a sleek, mid-height ponytail to let the dress do the talking.

Look #6: Micro Braids

Long micro braids make a versatile look. Here, they’re gathered into a bun.

Look #7: Side Swept Part

Newton’s glossy locks are parted above the eye and swept to the side for this stunning look.

Look #8: Upswept Chignon

One of the keys to a good look: knowing when to let your hair take a back seat and let your clothes do the talking. This elegant chignon is the perfect complement to this

Look #9: Half-Up & Half-Down

This face-framing look was perfect with Newton’s bell-sleeved sequined dress.

Look #10: THE PROCESS!!

Where would any of the stars be without the people who make them look good? On her Instagram account, she shares some behind-the-scenes shots of getting ready with her stylists. The wooden spoon, BTW, is to protect her ears from the hot curling iron.

Don’t know who Maeve is? Just check this out:

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