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Hair Icon | 9 Janelle Monae Hairstyles We Love the Most

We fell in love with singer/actor Janelle Monae’s quirky style years ago. Her standout performance in the 2016¬†movie Hidden Figures has made her white hot this year, with a well-deserved Oscar nomination supported by her performance. We pulled together eight Janelle Monae¬†hairstyles we love the most here:


9 Janelle Monae Hairstyles We Love the Most

Look #1: Pixie Haircut

Monae’s delicate features make this haircut especially flattering for her. Here, at the 2017 Oscars, She greets fans on the red carpet with an ornate gold headband accessorizing her hairstyle.

Look #2: Bejeweled Bun

This bun is offset with jewels — not just at the nape, but all over the head. In characteristic style, Monae’s hair her is a bit quirky and entirely endearing.

Look #3: Messy Chignon

Monae offsets large, geometric prints and architectural clothing pieces with a loosely-constructed chignon that’s intentionally messy. It grounds her look and keeps it modern.

Look #4: Space-Age Bob

The only other person we can think of who could pull this off is the great Grace Jones. Janelle Monae pays tribute to the movie Hidden Figures during this photo shoot for the February 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan.

Look #5: Textured Pin Curls

We love her take on the classic pin-curled style. Rather than doing it on pin-straight hair, Monae lets her natural texture play a big part in this style. The result is a unique style that works equally well for the red carpet and for AfroPunk.

Look #6: Loose Waves

We love this casually-unstructured look on Monae, who channels her inner artist in a David Bowie t-shirt.

Look #7: Space Buns

One of her more playful looks, this one is playfully messy. This go-to can be accessorized (yes, those are eyeballs) or left to show off her natural texture.

Look #8: Loose Updo

This simple, messy updo is typical of Monae’s “un-done” look and is perfect on her.

Look #9: Off Duty

I don’t know if this counts as a look, but we love that she is bold enough to share her natural look without hair and makeup done. Janelle Monae is fresh-looking and beautiful, even when she’s decidedly off-duty.



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