Graduation Cap Hack: How To Fit a Graduation Cap Over Your Hair

Graduation Cap Hack: How To Fit a Graduation Cap Over Your Hair

Graduation season is here, and you may be wondering how on earth that cap is supposed to fit on anyone’s head. This quick (and cheap) graduation cap hack will show you how to fit a graduation cap over your hair in three easy steps. Gone are the days of bobby pins and a prayer. This hack will have you or your proud graduate walking down the aisle with confidence.

How to fit a graduation cap over your hair:

Step 1: Attach a comfortable headband to the inside center of your graduation cap

We recommend using a hot glue gun to make sure that the headband is super secure. You can also use tape with a firm grip. Remember that outdoor ceremonies or those that run a bit long can mean more opportunities for a malfunction, so we suggest using the most secure method possible. Be careful to identify the front and the back of your cap so that the headband is glued in the right direction. Hint: The cap is generally gathered in the back.


Step 2: Fold the front and back flaps over the headband to hold it in place

Just fold to secure and tack with a needle and thread (our favorite method). You can also tape or glue the flaps, but be careful to lay the tape edges flat so that it doesn’t stick to your hair. Optionally, you can also glue the side flaps to the sides of the headband. If you have big hair, you can probably skip this step.


Step 3: Fit the cap over the crown of your head. You’re ready to go!


For more details, check out the full video below, courtesy of Alyseah Simone on YouTube:

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