Quick and Easy Hairstyles – Simple Can Go a Long Way

easy hairstyles

When you are wearing the hottest outfit to step out with a friend or hit the club scene you DO NOT want your hairstyle clashing with it. Step out with an embellished outfit simple easy hairstyles compliment your look completely. Here are a few hair styles:

Sleek and center hairstyle:

slick and center hairstyle

Flat iron your hair so it can be really smooth and sleek. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray beforehand. Next you would create a center piece and secure your hair in a low ponytail. Make sure your use an elastic band so no breakage occurs. Finally wrap your hair around the ponytail to create a tight clean bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun.

High and mighty hairstyle:

high and mighty easy hairstyle

Start with pulling your hair in a ponytail using your crown as a base. Smooth any hair with a boar bristle brush and secure your ponytail with an elastic band. Next use a one-inch barrel curling iron to curl the rest of the hair hanging to add some texture. If you want more shine add a drop of high gloss serum.

Easy Hairstyles