Don’t FIX Your Baby’s Natural Hair! Handle Children Hair Care Tips

Don’t “fix: your baby’s hair. Believe it or not children hear EVERYTHING. Children first develop their self-esteem through what is being taught and told at home. Don’t speak negative towards them because those emotions do not go away easily. So when you say things like you are going to “fix” their hair or things like, “I can’t work with this!” They are going to grow to feel a negative way towards their hair and probably not take care of it as they should. So watch what you say about your children especially near them.

children hair care tips

Children Hair Care Tips

If your child hair is healthy than it will be alright. If you are having a hard time managing your child natural hair then here are some tips to make hair styling time a little easier and less time consuming.

Moisture is the key

Children hair can be extremely dry to wearing hats all the time, playing outside and sleeping as if they are on the Olympics gymnastics team at night. Instead of using combs and brushes to scrap the hair back and forth or irons to try and “tame” naps. Start adding moisture to their hair daily. Adding moisture to their hair will make their hair become softer and more manageable and not to mention become healthy and grow longer. Adding Olive oil to the shampoo during wash time is an essential idea. This is the time to teach your children to love their hair and they will learn how to take care of their hair when they get older. Children do what is taught to them so if you are using harsh comments towards their hair they are more likely to do the same to their children when they are older. So keep their hair moisturized and it will be a little easier to manage.

children natural hair

The scalp is important!

The scalp needs to breath to be able to allow the hair to grow healthy and strong. If your child sweats a lot then their hair needs to be washed a little more frequently. Keep their scalp clean and not clogged with petroleum based hair products that will clunk up their pores and block new hair from growing. Try applying castor oil to the scalp to nourish and promote hair growth.

Out of the box

It is a smart move to do protective styles for your child so they don’t have to go through the detangling and time sitting to get their hair washed the next day. But also try to go out of the box their are endless styles that you can try that will keep your child hair styled for two weeks. That is good so you won’t have to comb and style their hair daily as well as it is keeping their hair untouched with any heat and still styled until the next wash. With this being said still be careful with how hard you pull at their hair with cornrows, braids and twists and what products is being used.

If you really think about it hair care for our children is the same as how we treat our hair. Getting them started early is the key to natural hair growth in their adult life.