13 Tips on Growing Longer and Healthier Hair

healthy hair tips

Growing Longer and Healthy Hair Tips

Let’s go back to basics: Deep conditioners. Why do we deep condition? Deep conditioning provides nutrients to the hair follicle that it needs to hydrate and nourish the hair for a shinier and healthier head of hair. Deep conditioning your hair will put moisture back to the hair, strengthen, and prevent breakage by increasing hair elasticity. Deep conditioning should be done regularly especially if the hair is exposed to heat styling tools, chemical treatments and other harmful elements. Deep condition can be use as a prevention measure as well. It should be used prior to using heat styling tools, protective styles that will be worn for a long period of time and so forth.

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Growing Longer and Healthy Hair Tips

1. Deep condition (weekly)

healthy hair tips2. A Well balanced diet

hair growth tips

3. Moisturize and seal (daily)

moisturize seal hair

4. Hot oil treatments

hot oil treatment for hair 5. Tight hair with a satin scarf at night

6. Protective styles

protective hairstyles

7. Use a wide toothed comb

hair accessories
8. Detangle from the ends and work your way up.
9. Shampoo your scalp

scalp massages for hair growth10. Condition your hair
11. Incorporate oils to your regimen
12. Stay away from heat

heat styling tools 13. Use a heat protectant when using heat

There are different types of deep conditioners. The type that you choose and way you use it is based on your hair and its needs.

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How to:

We recommend starting out with cleansed hair as it lifts the cuticle for maximum penetration.

Add your fave oils for a much deeper penetration. Coconut and olive are the two oils that have been shown to penetrate the hair well. Jamaican and Haitian Castor are among our staple products for deep conditioning.

Cover it with a shower cap. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes or over night. Add heat for a deeper penetration.

Rinse with cold water as it closes up the cuticles for shinier and softer hair as well as moisture retention.

Two of my fave conditioners: 

I deep condition weekly and add my fave oils, always. I get soft and manageable hair.

What’s your staple deep conditioner? Do you use heat or DC overnight?

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