Tips For Healthy Hair Regimen and Longer Hair

tips for healthy hair regimen longer

Regimen & tips for healthy hair: If you follow me on Instagram @trendinghairstyles, then you know I was at the Haitian Compas Festival in Miami with Beautiful Textures giving out product samples and tips for healthy hair. A lot of people ,especially moms asked me “how do I maintain my daughter’s dry, unmanageable hair?. My response to them were: don’t call her hair unmanageable because she will grow to believe that. I was trying to give them the breakdown of a healthy hair regimen but of course it was just too much to absorb. I will share some of the regimen & tips for healthy hair I shared with the ladies.

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Regimen & Tips for Healthy Hair to Achieve Longer Natural Hair

Healthy Hair Regimen

A healthy hair regimen is vital to obtaining healthy hair and retaining length. African American / Black hair is very dry and brittle. The level of dryness increases when the hair is chemically altered (permanently colored, relaxed etc). To make it easy, here are my 4 regimen & tips for healthy hair to achieve long beautiful hair.

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Leasing is extremely important as our hair grows from the scalp. A cleansed and well moisturized scalp will grow health and shiny hair. I put emphases on the scalp because you should shampoo your scalp and condition your hair. The lather will run through your strands and cleanse it however your scalp needs a little more help; massage your scalp . Although, a clean scalp is mandatory stripping your hair is not. A MOISTURIZED or HYDRATING shampoo is a healthy hair regimen must have.

Conditioning / Nourishing

Deep conditioning is a healthy hair regimen must. To achieve healthy hair try to incorporate a weekly deep conditioning session to your routine. I would suggest deep conditioning for 45 minutes or more. Add natural oils (olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil) to your conditioner for a more nourished hair. One of the most important tips for healthy hair you have to follow to achieve longer hair as quickly as possible.

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Moisture, moisture, moisture! Moisturizing is the number 1 healthy hair tip someone could share with you as our hair is dry and need that added moisture. Invest in a water based moisturizer (water as the first ingredient). Some people moisturize daily or 2x a day. It really depends on your hair and its needs.


Protection is extremely important. All of the regimen and tips for healthy hair above can be applied but if you are mistreating your hair you will not achieve your ideal length. Sleeping with a satin bonnet/scarf/pillow case is part of protecting your mane as the friction against your hair can cause breakage also the cotton material will absorb the moisture that was added to your hair.

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Detangling with a wide tooth comb is part of protecting your hair. Protective hairstyles
Such as sew-ins, braids, updos help retaining length overtime because the hair is not exposed to constant combing and pulling which causes breakage. Be Patient and Gentle with your Hair it will thank you! If you enjoy reading out proven 4 regimen and tips for healthy hair, please share them with your friends on social media site like FB, IG, Twitter.