Hair Highlight Ideas For Black Hair – Highlighted Hair How-To

hair highlight ideas for black hair

Hair Highlight Ideas for Black Hair: high-lighted hair is happening every year and Hollywood has plenty of advice on what’s in. But remember that your hair is yours, and so are your hair highlights. Whatever you choose should be all about you.

Hair Highlight Ideas for Black Hair

The Basic Rules for Highlighted Hair

  • Don’t use too many colors. Three colors, maximum, or else the hair highlights fail to stand out.
  • Your hair highlight base should be close to the base of your natural color. The base gets mixed with your highlight colors.
  • Change your high lights with the seasons. Hair highlights for winter won’t look the same in summer because the angle of the sunlight is different and so is the intensity.
  • Frame your face. Highlighted hair should still do what a hair \cut will do. It should be a frame for your face that compliments it.

Hair Highlight Ideas for Black Hair Inspired by Hollywood

Face-trimming highlights

Two tone highlighting works well with straight hair for simple elegance. Go for lightness at the roots and streaks throughout the length. Pull hair up top into a loose backcomb. This one was recently favored by Ciara.

ciara two tone face trimming highlights

Total Tone change

This is when you are changing the whole base of your hair. Don’t overdo it because the highlights won’t stand out. You highlight base should be close to your natural color or else you may as well be dying your hair another color.

two tone hair highlights

Two-tone that stands out

Darkened roots work well to accentuate a short haircut, especially the popular bob. In Hollywood, it’s being called “Ombre Spectrum”. Deliberately dark roots give way to highlighted of a different color.

Use lowlights for outgrowth look

If you want a more subtle contrast to get the outgrowth look, your highlighted hair is actually based on low lights. Tone down your hair at the roots and it will show darker outgrowth. This works especially well with darker hair.

ciara lowlights hairstyle

Subtle “lifts” for highlighted hair

Stylists all stress that highlighted hair can be ruined if you start with a base that’s too far from your natural base. How many times have you seen a bad hair highlight on someone and whispered to someone else: “that looks awful!

Stick to a base that’s close to your original tone. If you have darker hair and are venturing the blonde side, choose a base that is dark blonde. Then add foils to bring in the additional highlighting shades-no more than two!

[Photo Credit: styleblazer]