Healthy Hair Care Dos, Don’ts and Tips

healthy hair care regimen

We spend a lot of time tending to our hair. We try to build a healthy hair care regimen for our hair, we take our vitamins and supplements daily, we try to stay away from heat for the sake of long, healthy locks. Most women think their hair is healthy but there are some habits that might hinder us from retaining length. These healthy hair care Dos and Don’ts will help you do just that.

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Healthy Hair Care Dos

Do consume a healthy diet
Do moisturize daily
Do seal after moisturizing
Do wear a satin bonnet nightly
Do take vitamins
Do wash weekly
DO deep condition weekly
Do pre-poo
Do scalp massages
Do roller set hair
Do protective styles
Do hot oil treatments
Do clarify monthly
Do protein treatments monthly
Do stregtch relaxers
Do trim occasionally
Do avoid heat
Do avoid tie ponytails
Do incorporate oils into your regimen
Do invest in a good pair of shears
Do keep a good moisture/protein balance.
Do wash hair after swimming in chlorinated water.
Do nourish your scalp with oils.
Do put conditioner on your hair before stepping into the pool. it helps negate the damaging effects of swimming in chlorinated water.

Healthy Hair Care Don’ts

Don’t relax previously relaxed hair
Don’t neglect your ends
Don’t over manipulation your hair
Don’t utilize products that contain harsh ingredients
Don’t detangle on dry hair.
Don’t dry hair with towel as it can cause friction to hair strands.
Don’t forget to clean your brushes and combs

Be persistent! Be patient! Its growing!

Do you have any healthy hair care dos and don’ts you would like to add or comment on the healthy hair care dos and don’ts we already have listed? Participate using the comment section below.

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