New Braided Hair Trend for Black Women: The Crochet Braids

crochet braids with human hair

African American or black hair is very versatile. There are no right or wrong way to rock braided hair. The way we choose to rock it depends on our personalities, careers, and other personal preferences. In the black community, hairstyles come and go and sometimes its difficult to keep up with the latest hair trends for black hair. And that’s why we are here. The new braided hair style for black women according to the hair community is the Crochet Braids.

New Braided Hair Trend: Crochet Braids

I know you are thinking, crochet braids as a braided hair style are so 1999. Well at least that’s what I thought until I saw it on couple of friends of mine. The Crochet Braided hair style is the perfect protective style. It protects 100% of your hair as your whole head is braided underneath the crochet.

curly crochet braids natural hair

The Crochet Braided hair styles can be done with varies crochet weaves however, I have found the curly/kinky look to be more popular as apposed to the sleek and straight look. When done correctly the style can look very natural. In fact, many natural women use this trending hairstyle as their go to protective hairstyle.

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I stress that the Crochet Braided hair is a protective style because the ultimate goal is long, healthy hair but it is far from just that. It is stylish and easy to maintain.

braided hair styles crochet

Pros Of Crochet Braided Hair:

  • Stylish
  • Protective
  • Easy maintenance

Cons Of Crochet Braided Hair:

  • Braids can be damaging to edges, if too tight
  • Can look “unnatural” if not installed correctly.
  • Can be damaging if kept in too long.

How To Braid Your Natural Hair Before Crochet Braids

how to braid hair for crochet braids

How to Do Crochet Braided Hair

Crochet Braids Using Latch / Hook Hair

Video Credit: ComfortStyles

Crochet Braids With Marley Hair

Video Credit: TheChicNatural

How to Maintain Crochet Braided Hair

This style is quiet simple to maintain.

  • Deep condition your hair before the installation
  • Refrain from pulling the actual crochet as it is hooked unto the braids and can cause futher damage, especially to your edges.
  • Moisturize with a spritz moisturizer
  • Oil scalp, as needed
  • Utilize a satin/silk pillow/bonnet/scarf at night
  • Enjoy your new hair style.

crochets braided hair

Crochet Braided Hairstyles Pictures

Ladies and Gents, Crochet Braided hair styles are back and are here to stay. Many Naturalistas have tried and love this style. Try it and share your pics with us on Instagram. @trendinghairstyles.

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