Fab Summer Hair Care Home Remedies: DIY Tips for Clean Hair and Scalp

dyi hair care home remedies and tips

Hair care home remedies: This summer, why not show off a gorgeous head of hair instead of just a svelte body? Clean and beautiful hair is the hallmark of a healthy scalp, which is why so many people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars of hair care products. The hair products industry, which boasts billions of dollars in profits each year, could ultimately be put out of business if the masses knew about these Do-it-Yourself tips for clean hair and a healthy scalp and concentrate more on hair care home remedies.

Summer Hair Care Home Remedies for Clean, Healthy Hair & Scalp

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1. Use Baking Soda

baking soda for hair care

Nearly everyone has some baking soda floating around their kitchen, and if not then they can buy it cheaply at the store. Those who use baking soda to naturally clean and detox their scalp are able to enjoy extremely beautiful and healthy hair just by trying this simple and inexpensive technique. One of the most healthy hair care home remedies, baking soda is naturally free of those harsh chemicals that are often used in today’s haircare products.

All you have to do is create a paste with a little water and then apply it to your hair and scalp, massaging it in as you go. Be sure to rinse it out with vinegar to get rid of all the residue left behind. Do this at least once per week and you will surely see a big difference in the way you hair looks and feels.

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2. Try Using Honey as a Natural Shampoo

honey as hair shampoo

Honey might seem like just some delicious condiment, but in reality it is so much more. In fact, if you use honey to cleanse and beautify your hair and as one of the fab hair care home remedies, you will be in luck, especially since it treats dandruff, reduces frizz, and even softens the hair follicle in the process. Moreover, honey washes are so good for your hair and scalp that you won’t have to wash with shampoo or any other product for a few days afterwards.

Still, don’t just go slapping honey from the jar into your hair or you’ll be sorry that you did. You are going to need to mix it with water (about 3 tablespoons of water for every 1 tablespoon of honey). Simply combine the ingredients into a frothy mixture and then apply it, rubbing it into your scalp for a few minutes before you rinse with plain warm water.

3. Consider Hair-Play with Organic Clay

hair-play organic clay hair care tips

It is a fact that clay-based hair and scalp washing is a real possibility. Most people think that clay is only for crafts, but it is actually pretty good for personal healthcare too. While store-bought shampoos are made to closely resemble a person’s natural pH balances, clay can achieve the same thing without all the harmful chemicals if it is used correctly. Hair-Play with Organic Clay is one of my favorite hair care home remedies, especially during the summer.

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Those who use clay to cleanse their hair and scalp are typically urged to choose the perfect kind of clay before they begin. The two most popular types of clay to use on your hair are: Rhassoul and Bentonite, as they both leave hair looking and feeling like a million bucks. Mix together your chosen clay type with water or vinegar until the combination feels a little like an egg yolk. Massage a mixture into your scalp using your fingers for about 5 minutes. You might feel things gum up a bit, but don’t worry. You can simply rinse it all out using an apple cider vinegar and water solution, and you can even add some essential oils to boost your hair’s health and appearance when you’re all done.

4. Make a Lemon and Cucumber Smoothie for Your Hair

lemon and cucumber smoothie for hair growth

Did you know that the acidity of lemon is actually great for your hair and scalp, especially in terms of detoxifying and cleansing it? It’s true; and cucumber can help cool down the effects of the citric acid within it, for a smooth and soothing wash. Making a lemon and cucumber smoothie for your hair to drink up isn’t difficult either. Lemon has been known for years as one of the most popular and healthy hair care home remedies that can make your hair grow naturally!

You will want to start with a dry head of hair. Use organic lemons or lemon juice from the store, whichever is more convenient for you. Your cucumbers should be as fresh as possible, and either finely chopped or minced before you begin. Mix everything together into a small bowl and apply to your hair and scalp, leaving it set on there for about 3 minutes before rinsing with water. This mixture can be saved for a couple days and used again, and can actually replace store bought shampoo altogether.

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Before the days of chemically-laden shampoos and conditions, people used natural methods for cleansing their hair and scalp. As a result, there are numerous DIY tips for clean hair and a healthy scalp. If you know of any related haircare secrets that could be used by our readers, feel free to share them in the comments below. Tell us how you make your mixture, inform us on how to use it safely, and allow us to enjoy a unique story with you. I hope you enjoy my fab DIY hair care home remedies and tips for clean hair and healthy scalp!

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