9 Hair Color Ideas For Black Women: Bleached Hair, Dip-Dyed Tips and MORE…

hair color ideas

Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

In: gorgeous glossy red heads and dark blondes and a more natural, textured feel bleached hair color ideas. The look is more wholesome. Forget Ombré. It’s about balayage, the freehand sun-kissed coloring technique. Something I find to be repetitive in this fashion industry is the fact that everything is a cycle of repetition. Notice how at one point fall was all about neutral colors, ponchos, bubble jackets, thigh showing, no different neon coloring in the hairstyles, animal print and so many other things.

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ciara bleached hairstyles

Ciara bleached hairstyle

Then 2014 came around and it was all about neon hair dying and dip dyed hair, no neutrals and to be honest there was no specific colors for fall, to be exact everybody M.O was to walk around all different as possible; in a sense wear anything that would get somebodies attention. There were no rules to fashion, everybody wore whatever they felt and wanted to wear. Bleached hair color ideas is one of the hairstyles that is definitely in!

dip dyed hair

In different articles I read now it seems to me that rules are coming back into the picture. More cover ups, less dramatic hair coloring and hair color ideas, neutral colors for fall, animal print is back and to be particular the print is cheetah, caps have also come back into the picture and for a big deal this time; not just a little pop up here and a little pop up there.

ombre dip dyed hair clip and extensions

Ombre dip dyed hair clip and extensions

Something else that big in the fashion industry right now is Alexander Wang bring his style to the H&M brand in a sexy, mysterious, sophisticated way at a reasonable price. Still thinking bleached hair color ideas? keep reading!

hair colors ideas for black women

Hair colors ideas for black women

I personally believe if there is no rules in fashion then fashion will get out of control. Who’s every hair color ideas it was to bring structure back into the fashion world was almost as genius as Alexander Wang bring his brand to H&M.

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