5 Natural Edgy Hairstyles for Girls Night Out

edgy hairstyles for girls night out

My girlfriends and I would love to be laying on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean this weekend sipping on coconut rums and watching all the sexy and shirtless men! But that’s not going to happen. My girls and I will be right here in Atlanta looking for a hot spot to go for a few drinks and hoping to see a few sexy men go by at the same time. Here in America this is what we called a ‘girls night out.’ Fashionistas know edgy hairstyles make the night more interesting because not only the men will be breaking their heads looking, but the women will as well!

edgy hairstyles for natural hair

This is when a couple female friends get together to have some fun around town. The dresses, the shoes, nails MUST be on point. The hair, on the other hand is another story. A girl like me will not EVER step out for a girls’ night out until the hair is on point and looking as gorgeous as the rest of me (LOL). The goal is to look more beautiful than every other girls on the spot and an edgy natural hairstyles (or weave) will do the job. Below are 5 natural edgy hairstyles for you and your girls night out!

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5 Natural Edgy Hairstyles for Girls Night Out

1. French Braids with Twisted Braidout Bang

The French braids with twisted braidout bang hairstyle is very edgy and will turn heads or even break necks. Jessica did that look herself by blow drying her hair. Check out Jessica’s video below with step-by-step instructions on how to do the French braids with twisted braidout bang yourself. It’s easy and trendy. No need to spend a lot of money at the salon.

2. Natural Hair Flat Twists With Pompadour

My girl Barika is notorious for rocking the flat twists with pompadour. Before you begin doing this hairstyle make sure you have the proper tools. Get you a rattail comb for parting the hair, some hair clips to divide the hair into sections. The flat twists takes a little longer than the other 4 edgy hairstyles but you may cause a few accidents walking down the road!

3. Faux Tapered Frohawk for Natural Hair

Talking about edgy hairstyles. The faux tapered frohawk defines the word ‘edgy.’ This hairstyle was created by YouTube user NaturallyNellzy using a combination of flat twists, bantu knots, and perm rods with a a couple of curls products to set up the curls.

4. Curly DIY Sock Bun with Bangs

Every natural hair women I know likes to do a curly bun every now and then. Sock bun with bangs are trending right now and hot. They’re more on the conservative side when it comes to edginess but this style still ‘make it do with it do.’ Alyssa recommends you start with an old twist out, old braid out, bantu knot out. Check the step-by-step video tutorial above to achieve the curly DIY sock bun with bangs and let us know how it turns out.

5. Braided Pompadour Updo for Natural Hair

This is the easier one out of the 5 edgy hairstyles. You don’t need to have much experience with doing your own hair to do this style. Just know how to do a little cornrows but don’t need to be perfect at it. Follow Kay Koil step-by-step instructions below to achieve this hairstyle. She recommends you start with a freshly washed hair!

Which of these 5 edgy hairstyles you will rock for your next girls night out?

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