THS Interviews Relaxed Hair Icon Nitra aka Nitraboo08

nitra aka nitraboo08 relaxed hair

Relaxed Hair Icon Nitra aka Nitraboo08

THS: Hi there, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): Hi! I’m Nitra! I’m 23 years old. I’m originally from Mississippi, but now I call the great state of Texas home. This past May I received my associates degree in Executive Assistant and looking to further my education and earn my bachelor’s in Business Administration. I am a YouTuber who loves healthy hair whether it is natural or RELAXED. I enjoy sharing my advice, tips, and experiences with everyone. However, I do not consider myself to be a guru when it comes to hair because there are still a few things I need to learn.

THS: What is the state of your hair?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): My hair is in it relaxed state (permed).

THS: How old were you when you got your first relaxer?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): I was either 10 or 11 when I got my first relaxer. I got it due to peer pressure. My one of my peers asked me, “Why is your hair like that, and not like ours?” That same day I went home feeling embarrassed because my hair was natural and always in pigtails and I asked my mom if I could get a relaxer.


THS: Can you take us through that experience?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): It wasn’t hard to find the right person to do my relaxer because my niece grandmother did hair. Therefore, my first experience getting a relaxer was easy. I do not remember any pain or irritation of the scalp. I didn’t know what style to get so I decided to get a high ponytail (don’t judge). I stood in the mirror for hours swinging it side to side, my long flowing ponytail.

Then after I would get my hair treated every 3 months by the same stylist for years. I would get a ponytail, bun, or a straight wrap. I loved and lived for the giant bun that I used to wear all the time. I would get twist in the front and big bun (donut) in the back. I would rarely get any crazy style or even curls. She would never tell any of her secrets or what relaxers she used. She always brought it out from the back already mixed in a bowl.

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I used to use so much heat on my hair without heat protectant. I used to curl my hair almost every day if I had a curly style. It damaged it and left my hair fried and smelling as such. The use of grease was out of control. It weighed my hair down and left it to look stringy. Glad I know better now. I don’t even own grease. lol

THS: Your hair is gorgeous, what is your regimen?

NITRA (Nitraboo08):

Relaxer every 12 weeks (minimum)
Wash every 3 weeks (YES 3 WEEKS)
Co-Wash every 2 weeks
Deep Condition after every wash. I can never get enough. (15 minutes minimum to 1 hour, but you can go as long as you like) Favorite conditioner, a little oil, plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 15 to 30 minutes or without the dryer for 1 hour minimum to 3 hours.
Moisturize & Seal Every other day (not every day like I’m supposed to… I forget)
Detangle with a wide tooth comb
Trim my ends when needed
Wear a satin scarf/bonnet to bed every night

THS: How do you retain so much length?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): Hmm, I would have to say by wearing protective styles such as buns. Heatless styles help as well, for instance bantu knots, twist out and braid outs. Moisturize and seal my hair every other day. Minimize the usage of heat. Lastly, try not to comb your hair so much.

THS: We all have experienced “scissor happy” Hair Stylists. Your hair is well trimmed, do you do it yourself?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): Yes, I do trim my hair myself when I see it needs it when I can’t travel back to Mississippi to my trusted stylist to do it.

THS: How often do you trim your hair?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): I usually trim after each fresh relaxer, if necessary.

THS: Do you have any hair challenges?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): No, none that I can think of.

THS: On your IG page you said ” I’m relaxed…and my hair is just fine. #thanks. What advice do you have for us girls with fine hair?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): Well that comment actually was referring to people saying that my hair isn’t healthy and I should go natural. I was saying that my hair is just fine without being natural. I love and adore natural hair, but I prefer to be relaxed.

relaxed hair icon nitraboo08

THS: Who is your “Hairspiration”?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): I love this question. ULoveMegz, was inspired me to start doing research and getting to know my hair better. She is the reason that I am on YouTube. I love watching her hair videos. Lately my hairspiration have came from PrettyWitty77 and TheHappyHairShow on YouTube. I love them. They are my hair crushes. I do have love for the naturals as well and my favorite is CourtneyNaturalHair on Instagram.

THS: What is one hair product you can not live without?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): I cannot live without a conditioner. Co-washing and deep conditioning! I can’t get enough of it because it leaves my hair feeling so soft and manageable.

THS: How often do you straighten your hair? How do you prevent heat damage?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): I usually straighten my hair every 3 weeks after I wash it. I use the Silk Elements heat protectant spray. I have received any heat damage by using that.

THS: Do you take any hair supplements? What kind?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): No, I have never taken any supplements to help with the growth of my hair. It has been growing on its own with a little tender love and care.

THS: When a stranger comes up to you and asks “how can I get hair like yours”? What Do you say?

NITRA (Nitraboo08): Great question! I am asked this all the time. First, I start by letting them know that I have always had a nice length of hair even as a little girl. Secondly, I would let them know that they should start wearing more styles that are protective, moisturize and seal. I tell them my favorite oils and other products. Lastly, I tell them to go check me out on YouTube and Instagram if they have any more questions.

THS: How can our readers contact you?

NITRA (Nitraboo08):

YouTube: NitraBoo08

Instagram: @nitraboo08


THS: It was great talking to you. Continue to grow!