Top 10 Cute Black Kids Hairstyles – Styles Little Girls Will Love!

top 10 cute black kids hairstyles

Top 10 cute black kids hairstyles! Sometimes we are so focused on our hair: the latest hair trends, styles, regimen and products that we neglect our children’s hair. Their hair needs as much TLC as ours. Maybe not as often but a regimen that is simple and effective. A regimen that the children can understand and follow with no confusions. But before we talk about hairstyle lets focus on what’s more important: Hair Health for your kids.

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An example of a healthy hair regimen for children plus healthy hair habits.

Shampoo 1x (week)
Deep Condition 1x (week)
Moisturize 1x, 2x (Daily)
Seal with preferred oil(s)
Hot oil treatments as needed
Oil scalp as needed
Trim as needed
Protective style often
Protect hair at night to minimize breakage and preserve hairstyle.
Protect hair from the environmental damages.

Top 10 Cute Black Kids Hairstyles

In this video MadiMel, a 9 year old Naturalista walks you through her nighttime routine. Press Play and Enjoy!

Video Credit: Sdestra

Now that we have a healthy hair regimen we can start on the * Top 10 cute black kids hairstyles.* most of these styles are suitable for boys and girls by excluding the bows, barrettes, and beads.

10. Braided Updo

This hairstyle is cute and protective. This style is easy to maintain by undoing the top part: Moisturize and seal the ends and twist them back. You play twinsies by rocking this style with you little one.

cute hairstyles for black girls and kids

Photo Credit: Betty Boop Styles

cute hair styles for black girls

Photo Credit: Betty Boop Styles

9. Cute Braided Mohawk

This little girl is the cutest. She is rocking the Braids into a Mohawk. This style is funky and it has a lot of personality. To make it more “protective” for your little one you can braid the braids all the way to the end or finish the braids with twists for a sweeter look. Make this look your own.

8. La Bella Rosa

This hairstyle is a bit formal but it can definitely be worn daily. Its elegant, stylish, and protective to the ends of the hair. You can switch up the flower according to her outfits.

little black girls hairstyles

Photo Credit: 484488872384755438

7. Hairstyles by Lyric

This Naturalista’s hair is always on point. We love all of her hairstyles. They are cute and very appropriate for children. Check out her Instagram page @little_miss_lyric

protective styles- for black kids

Photo Credit: africanaturalistas

protective styles for black girls

Photo Credit: africanaturalistas

6. Vixen Sew-in Hairstyle for Black Kids

If your little princess is old enough for a sew-in, this style would be ideal. Its very versatile. She will enjoy playing with it as if it was her own. Play with the length based on your preference.

vixen sew in for black girls

Photo Credit: 556405728936080593

5. Twisted Bun Style for Black Girls

Your princess will definitely turn heads with this create hairstyle and the unique patterns of the braids.

twisted bun hairstyles for black girls

Photo Credit: 533817362055109499

4. Single Braids Styles For Little Black Girls

This is the ultimate hairstyle. It can last a very long time with the proper maintenance. Bows and barrettes can be added to jazz it up.

cute single braids hairstyles for black girls

Photo Credit: 294845106827096570

3. Natural Pony

This style is easy, breeze. The pink headband takes it to a whole other level.

natural hairstyles for little black girls

Photo Credit: 439523244854790376

2. Invisa-cornrows

This style requires a great deal of braiding skills. Nonetheless, it is unique and creative. This style is a show-stopper.

cute cornrows braids hairstyles for black girls

Photo Credit: 483644447454482438

1. Naturalista

This hairstyle is effortlessly beautiful. This style can be achieved with a bantu-knot out or with a heat styling tool.

cute curly natural hairstyles for little black girls

Photo Credit: 503699539546478883

How to Maintain Black Kids Hairstyles

  • Silk scarf and/or bonnet at night
  • Moisturize regularly
  • Protect from the environmental

These top 10 cute black kids hairstyles are trendy, versatile and protective. They are perfect for any occasions. Children are very active. Most mothers prefer hairstyles they can touch-up in the mornings and be out of the door. With the proper maintenance, these styles can last days, some even weeks.

Which black kids hairstyles are your fave?

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