Two Ways To Rock Big Hair Like Solange Knowles – Step by Step Tutorial

Rock Big Hair Like Solange Knowles: Do you dream of having hair like Solange Knowles? We all know how stylish she is from head to toe. It has always been like this for the star ever since she debuted in 2003. Since coming on the scene she has dazzled us with her unique and stunning style ,whether it is in how she sounds or how she looks.

Solange is not your typical celebrity; as a matter of fact, you will find her out on many occasions with little to know makeup on. She has been known to wear outfits that include different prints in a style she calls “Afro-chic”. And as she evolves, so does her music; we can see where she has infused a number of genres into her music. Listen and you’ll hear pop, R&B and electronic to name a few.

Hair like Solange Knowles

One of the biggest things the singer is known for is her hair. We have seen her in a number of styles from diva waves, to a short brush cut to voluminous curls, the teeny-weeny afro and more. In this pic she is seen with a bold hairdo that frames her face. This look is very easy to achieve and anyone can do it at home themselves.

Here’s what you need to do to get hair like Solange Knowles has in the picture.

Products and tools:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair & scalp oil
  • Leave in conditioner
  • Curl & Style milk
  • Wide Tooth comb
  • Foam curling rods
  • Hooded drier

Step by step hairstyle walkthrough.

  1. Shampoo and Condition with your preferred shampoo and conditioner combination.
  2. Add your preferred hair and scalp oil for shine and for moisture.
  3. Use a wide tooth comb to create a center part as well as to get rid of any tangles. Apply a detangler or leave in conditioner if necessary.
  4. Create small sections and apply curl & style milk before wrapping the hair around a foam curling rod. Do your entire head.
  5. Use a hooded dryer to dry your hair completely.
  6. When your hair is all dry, unwrap each rod and pull curls apart loosely with your fingers.
  7. Shake hair to get rid of part marks and to increase volume if needed.

Solange’s hair is like art and you can get your hair like Solange Knowles to be like art. You can always find some type of inspiration to revamp your style when you look into her direction. Whether it is for hair like Solange Knowles or it is her unmatched outfits or her music.

hair like solange knowlesHere’s another option. If your hair isn’t quite long enough to pull this off, wigs are a great way to get the length you need.

Courtesy: Taren Guy

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