How to Grow Hair Longer, Healthier, Faster Naturally with Good Moisture and Protein Balance

How to grow hair longer, healthier, faster naturally! A good moisture and protein balance is vital for a healthy head of hair as these two elements are the main components that our hair is made up with. An imbalance of these two elements will cause breakage as the hair strands will become brittle and snap. In order to grow long and healthy hair moisture and protein must come together, one can not work well with out the other. Below are tips on how to grow hair longer, healthier and faster naturally.

How to Grow Hair Longer, Healthier, Faster Naturally

how to grow hair longer healthier faster naturally


Moisture is really water, our hair needs H20 to maintain its elasticity. Without moisture the hair strands becomes dry and brittle hence causing snappy breakage. The best form of moisturizer is water not oil. A water based moisturizer (water as the first ingredient) is most beneficial for daily moisturizing.

Moisture based products moisturize, and nourish the hair strands keeping breakage away. Moisture products such as conditioners, moisturizers, and leave-in conditioners are ideal for dry hair. If you were wondering how to grow hair longer, healthier and faster naturally, moisture is the most natural that will not cost you a dime!

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The hair is made up of mostly keratin protein. There are different types of proteins. Some serve the purpose of increasing strands elasticity and others increase strength and create structure. Protein based products help to temporarily rebuild any weakened spots hence helping the hair to remain strong and fight breakage. Below are some of the products that will sure have you never ask again how to grow hair longer, healthier and faster.

Moisture / Protein Based Products: Deep Conditioning: Moisture Versus Protein

How to Maintain a Good Moisture / Protein Balance:

how to grow longer hair naturally products

We stress the importance of these two elements, however if they are misused they can cause a reverse affect. Over using either one will cause issues. Over moisturized hair is mushy and limp. over using protein makes the hair dry and causes shedding. if you don’t ever want to ask again how to grow longer, healthier hair faster naturally, you must have a perfect moisture and protein balance.

Some people are protein sensitive due to the amount of protein they are arlready getting from their diet. For those folks, a light protein once a week is ideal. Note: always follow with a moisturizing conditioner as protein hardens the hair shaft.

A Suggested Regimen: Moisture / Protein Balance:

hair growth regimen remedies products

* Hardcore protein conditioner follow by moisturizing conditioner (1x/month)
* Light protein conditioner mixed with moisturing conditioner (1x/week)
* Moisturizing conditioner (1x/week)
** if in need incorporate other moisture/protein based products into your regimen.

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How to grow hair longer, healthy fast naturally is really boils down to is getting to know your hair and its needs and doing exactly what it asks of you. For example: I am protein sensitive. I limit my use of it. I use an egg once a week in my conditioner mix. If my hair feels mushy and limp I do a harecore protein treatment but that rarely happens. Once thing I have noticed is the fact that my hair react to protein right away and it starts to shed. To reverse that I stop using that product and do a deep moisture treatment.

Get to know your hair and work with it. I am a hardcore moisture kind of girl, what kind of girl are you? Light/hardcore protein or moisture?

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