Hair Diary: My Hair’s Favorite Season, Plus Summertime Routine

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My Hair Diary: ladies, the first step to having healthy hair is knowing your hair and giving it what it needs when it needs it. It can take a while to actually master it but just pay close attention to your locks. By observing my hair it makes it easier to shop for products as I have realized my hair is protein sensitive. I am also aware of the fact that my hair reacts to products instead. It either it loves it or it doesn’t. By also observing I have noticed how my hair reacts to not only products and different ingredients but seasons. Yes, seasons. Start paying attention to your hair. This is my (Sophia Clerius) hair diary.

Hair Diary: My Hair’s Favorite Season

My hair’s favorite season is summer. During the summer I experience faster hair growth, I retain more length with the help of protective hairstyles such as braid outs, flexi-rod sets, wet bunning and more.

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 My Summertime Routine

  • Shampoo 1x a month with sulfate free shampoo
  • Conditioner-wash 1x a week
  • Deep condition 1x a week
  • Moisturize daily or as needed
  • Seal with Haitian Castor Oil
  • Oil scalp 2xs a week or as needed
  • Hot oil treatment 1x a month
  • Wash hair with sulfate shampoo
    when flat ironing
  • Always use a heat protectant when using heat
  • Protective styles 99%
  • Take Biotin and multi-vitamins daily.

my hair in the summer

Most of the products I use have moisturizing agents in their ingredients as the harsh weather can be damaging to the hair. I live in South Florida where the temperature reaches 100 degrees or more. I am mindful of the amount of time I spend outdoor.

Summertime Activities

I use hats, scarfs, hair pieces to style my hair, not only are they stylish but they protect my hair from the sun which can be drying. Before the beach or the pool I add condition or an oil to my hair to serve as a barrier. I always bring shampoo and conditioner to wash the chlorine or salt away then I follow up with a conditioner.

my summer hair

My Favorite Summertime Protective Hairstyle

Wet bunning is my absolute favorite protective style during the summer because it is refreshing and very moisturizing to my hair as I add a moisturizing leave-in condition and seal my hair before bunning. My locks stays moisturized longer and breaks less.

summer hairstyles

I look forward to the hot summer days!

Do you know your hair? What is your hair’s favorite season? What is your summertime hair regimen?

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