5 Hot & Edgy Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Women – Are You Bold Enough?

short mohawk hairstyles for black women

Mohawk hairstyles for black women. Just like our personality, Black women hair are strong, sexy and extraordinary hair type. Unlike other races, black women have many options when it comes to styling our hair. We can rock box braids one day and Mohawk hairstyles the next. Black women know how to make a statement with their hairdos.

Whether is an hair updo, a vixen sew-in, braids, or a simple but flashy and elegant Mohawk, it’s going to look good and adding our swagger retained from our African ancestors; no wonder why some races have are jealous of the black woman! Mohawk hairstyles for black women! How about that? We have become more bold, risky and edgy with our hairstyles.

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5 Hot & Edgy Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Women

No matter the length of a black woman hair, we can make Mohawk hairstyles look very special. Below are 5 hot Mohawk hairstyles for black women currently trending that will turn heads. The question is…are you bold enough?

#1: Extra Short Mohawk

This edgy and short Mohawk is hot and will be looked upon as a unique signature hairstyle. Looking at it from one end, it almost look like a side-shaved Mohawk but it’s not. It’s a full fledged Mohawk with the sides cut almost to the skin of the head. If you have a nice gorgeous long or oval face, this is one of the edgy short Mohawk hairstyles you might want to give a try!

#2: Edgy Short Mohawk Hairstyle

This short Mohawk is edgy and definitely has sex appear. It is super cute, unique and cute cut in bob pixie styled made into a Mohawk. This short Mohawk will definitely turn heads and will make your man look twice when he sees you rocking it. And if you don’t have a man, you will not have any issues picking up a one or a few with this beautifully gorgeous hairstyle. Go get’m girl!

#3: Vintage Flair Curly Mohawk With Highlights

Looking for a bold Mohawk hairstyle on the curly side? Well, this edgy and curly Mohawk is perfect for you. African American and Black women love this hairstyle because of the curly texture and vintage with the colorful highlighting combination. It’s just one of those Mohawks style that will have the ‘WOW’ factor with anyone you come across rocking this baby!

#4: Stylish Delightful Mohawk

The name of this Mohawk hairstyle speaks for itself. its bright and delightful color highlights and the stylish spikes flowing beautifully into bold waves makes this hairstyle a must for all the ladies that don’t mine expressing themselves with their hair. It is simply gorgeous. The only issue you may have with this Mohawk hairstyle is looking at yourself every time you walk pass a mirror. It’s cool though baby, you deserve to look good! Below is Kandi Burruss sporting this sexy Mohawk style.

#5: Mohawk Updo Rihanna Special

It takes a special and bold women to wear a short Mohawk updo and get away with it. Rihanna is one of those special girls. I bet you are too but too afraid to try it out or maybe you have not seeing anyone wearing it or they didn’t look good rocking a short Mohawk updo. I’m going to put you at ease; You can wear this! The good thing about this short Mohawk updo is you can wear it for any occasions; weddings, proms, the club or any other formal activities. Go For It!

Short Mohawk hairstyles may not be your thing but why not try something new. If you have never tried this type of hairstyles before there is no way you can tell whether Short Mohawk will go with you or not. Facial structures have a lot to with with the type of hairstyles black women should wear. But until you really put that hairstyle on, there is no way of judging it. Go ahead, try an edgy, stylish and bold short Mohawk hairstyles for black women. Again, you’re a black woman…anything you wear looks good on you! Have Fun…Be Bold! Be Edgy!

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