The Big Chop Hairstyles – Fastest Way to Achieve 100% Natural Hair

the big chop hairstyles

When making that decision to grow your hair naturally their are two ways. You can either gradually trim the relaxed areas or you can go for the term in the natural hair community, THE BIG CHOP HAIRSTYLES. This is which the fastest way to achieve 100% natural hair. The big chop hairstyles may not compliment everyone so if it does not compliment you it does not mean you can’t do it.

The Big Chop Hairstyles

Just do it!

I know we are all emotionally attached to our hair but take that big step and JUST DO IT! Your hair will grow back and when it does it will be that natural healthy beautiful look you are wanting. BUT I will say if you are weighed down with the decision I would wait at least four months to make the big chop that way you would still have hair to manage and feel more comfortable. What I can say is that most women that has been through the big chop hairstyles have said that it is the most freeing feeling a woman can have. When you have made that decision to go natural in my opinion there is nothing to it JUST DO IT!

Be prepared before you cut it mentally because this is a DRASTIC change in your life. So make sure this is what you want to do. Ask your friends and family who are also curly what was their experience like. You can even ask them or your stylist what kind of advice they can offer you on natural hair.

big chop hair

Stop Being A Product Junkie

It is going to be hard to put down the styling gels, hair grease and sprays but RESIST! Since your hair is newly natural all you really need is a good shampoo and conditioner. Also oil to make sure you lock in the moisture. Use only a few products at a time to see what works with you.

The Big Chop Hairstyles Accessories!

Now that a few weeks have gone by and you are comfortable in your own skin and over the DRASTIC change! Show boat your new style! Throw on some fly earrings and other accessories that will highlight your face and new fabulous hair!

The Big Chop Hairstyles Pros and Cons

what is the big chop hairstyle


  1. Cutting your hair off is refreshing, and it really sets you in the frame of mind that you are making a change.

  2. Starting from a short haircut gives you time to get to know your hair before there is so much of it. This is a good time to do trial and error to see what works for you and what doesn’t. You may change products as your hair gets longer, but it gives you a place to start.

  3. You get to start fresh with healthy hair.


  1. The shock of having short hair can be challenging for some people, especially those that have not had short hair before.

  2. You may experience more backlash from people in your life because it is a sudden change.

Here are some statements from people who chose to  do The Big Chop Hairstyles:

J.E.- I BC’d…it was summertime and I was bold lol

N.W.- I did the big chop!! Why? 1. Because transitioning would take to long. 2. I didn’t want to try and manage two different textures of hair and, 3. I wanted to have natural hair as soon as I possibly could!!!

Dr. M.M.- I did the big chop. So glad I did!!! Longer, thicker, healthier hair!!

J.E.- Big Chop. I went natural in 03 and I didn’t know there was another way 2 do it. LOL

H.C.- Big Chop! I was anxious and I didnt really have the patience to transition. I wanted to be natural right away. Plus shaving my head would be a completely different look from what I and everyone was use to…and I liked that.

T.M.- BC it was freein at the time and enough was enough

C.E.W.- I just did the big chop on the 15th of october it was a spirtual thing for me the most high gave us beautiful black women hair like this for a reason mainly because nobody else has hair like us for me it’s embracing a part of myself a spirtual self I know that may sound weird to some but it means everything to me I so Love my hair I can’t stop touching it and looking at and thinking to myself THAT’S MINE THAT’S MY HAIR..REAL HAIR :)

J.A.- Tomorrow will make it one month since I did the BIG CHOP! 70% was a spiritual thing and the other 30%, I just always wanted to go back to my natural state. And finally I grew a pair and did the unthinkable by many black women! Boom pow! :) It’s a BEAUTIFUL and LIBERATING thang! :) )

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