Trending – Ombre Hairstyles and How To Do It

This year we have seen celebrities wearing two dimensional hair colors. As the new trending color technique hits the world there are endless possibilities for color combinations. Ombre hair is usually two different shades, a darker one which is usually closer to the roots and a lighter one closer to the bottom or sometimes starting midway down the shaft closer to the ends. One reason why this trend is so popular is because there are so many variations to try and you choose where you want your complementary/contrast color to begin.

ombre hairstyles

Ombre Hairstyles – How To

Don’t just attempt to do the Ombre hairstyles by dying your own hair and letting the old color grow out. It is always wise to visit a hair stylist and let them perform the hair service. Especially if you want drastic color services done to your hair. That way you are decreasing your chances of hair damage and fallout.

Model Chanel Iman shows us an example of a more subtle Ombre hairstyle. A flattering darker root generates from her roots then morphs into a lighter cinnamon color.

chanel iman ombre hairstyles

Ciara shows us an example of a drastic Ombre hairstyle. Her hair is black at the roots and by the time you get to the bottom it is platinum blonde. A good stylist can make this look like it is a style and that it’s not that you missed several touch-up appointments.

ciara ombre hairstyles

If you want to try the Ombre look but do not want put chemicals in your hair try adding some extensions at the bottom. That way you get the Ombre look without damaging your hair.