Natural Hair Growth Tips – 10 That Really Work! Thick, Fast, Healthy (VIDEO)

natural hair growth tips video

Natural Hair Growth Tips! People often ask, how do you grow your hair long? Although this article is catered to my naturalistas, hair growth is hair growth whether you are relaxed or natural. There are so many blog posts on natural hair growth, which can be a little overwhelming. These are the top ten natural hair growth tips that work for me. Have fun with your natural hair and share the information!

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Healthy hair starts from within. A healthy diet and exercising are vital to healthy hair growth. Genetics play a major role as well as genetics determines the hair growth rate. We have to keep these factors in mind when we talk about length retention. The natural hair growth tips below will definitely take your natural hair thickness and length to another level in 2015.

My Top 10 Natural Hair Growth Tips That Work!

natural hair growing tips

TIP #1. Hair goals should be personal as we all have different hair textures, utilize different length retention techniques. Also, Have realistic goals- realistic and personal goals go hand and hand, as there are some factors that are beyond our control. For example: hair growth due to genetics. On average hair grows half of an inch a month however some have managed to grow a little more and others a little less. Yes, you can take vitamins and incorporate couple of ‘faster hair growth techniques’ but those only help so much.

TIP #2. Moisturize, moisture, moisture! Well-moisturized hair is soft and is less prone to breakage. Finding the right hair products that works for your hair texture is key. They would not be natural hair growth tips without moisturizing.

TIP #3. Protective styling- any style where the hair is tucked away. Sew-ins, twist, braids, buns, up-dos etc. The low to no manipulation to the hair strands prevents breakage hence increases length retention. All of these tips are important, however, I tell people if you want to know How to grow natural hair and serious about implementing my natural hair growth tips that really work—do this “leave your hair alone”. Chill with the excessive combing,, brushing and usage of heat.

TIP #4. Keep away from knots and tangles- over combing will cause breakage however, not getting red of tangles and knots will cause further damage. Natural hair coils can easily get tangled so always detangle to get red of shredded hair.

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TIP #5. Trim Regularly — I personally trim my hair every 6 months with occasional dusts in between. Factors such as the state of the hair, the health, heat usage and level of manipulation determine how often a dust or trim is needed. Length retention and healthy hair growth are not possible without health ends.

TIP #6. Use your fingers- hair tools such as combs; brush and such can be very damaging. Always opt for finger combing and detangling whenever possible as you are in control of the force and tension on the hair strands.

TIP #7. Have patience — patience is one of the main reasons some women refuse to go natural. Patience is needed whether you are dealing with chemically altered hair or not but especially natural hair. The detangling process requires patience. Also, length retention takes time and patience. be patient with your hair it will grow!

TIP #8. Don’t be a Product Junkie — when people ask how to grow natural hair, I sometimes mention products and they want to go ahead and try all the products I mentioned. I tell them, products don’t grow hair. Try testing one product at a time and stick to what works for you.

TIP #9. Get to know your hair and listen to it—your hair will tell you if it has to much or a lack of something.

TIP #10. LOVE and ACCEPT your hair! Everyone was not mean to have type 3 curls. Our hair textures are unique and we should embrace and love our as is.

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I have proof that my 10 natural hair growth tips have worked for my hair. I certainly hope you found these natural hair growth tips helpful as well. The tip I had struggled with the most was #7 “have patience.” I did everything I was supposed to do, but I wanted my natural hair to grow faster and longer every day.

Remember this ladies, nothing is achieved overnight. It may look as if it was overnight…that’s because no one really pays attention to the process and struggles. Keep going at it and watch these natural hair grow tips produce results in due time!

My Natural Hair Growth Tips Video

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