How To Put In Clip In Hair Extensions Tutorial, Ideas, Pictures, Tips [VIDEO]

how to put in clip in hair extensions

How to put in clip in hair extensions! Every woman I know (including myself) have had one of those days when they want to just do a quick hairdo. Yeah, a quick hairstyle but a cute one! Some of us really know how to flip a quicky and look as fabulous as a a red carpet fashionista who spend 5 hours on a hairstylist’s chair.  For those that are not up to par and still want something quick, sexy and cool, some clip in hair extensions is the way to go. Below are 10 hairstyles with different colors, textures and lengths using clip in extensions that will turn heads. Never again will you be asking yourself ‘how to put in clip in hair extensions.’ You should be an expert by the time you’re done reading this article and looking at the clip in hair extension pictures!

Video Credit: dannylynnforever

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clip in hair extensions

How to Put In Clip in Hair Extensions 1: Blue Highlights

Wondering how to put in clip in hair extensions with low highlights? This clip in extensions style is a very popular trend these days. You can go with bright or low highlights depending on your taste.

blue highlights clip on hair extensions pictures blue highlights clip on hair extensions tutorial

How to Style Blue Highlights Clip in Hair Extensions:

In this video, she’s using purple clip in hair extensions. But the idea is to show you visuals on how to do this. The instructions work the same for blue highlights clip on!

Video Credit: HED

How to put in clip in hair extensions Text Tutorial:

1. Divide your hair into section and part on the side. Select whichever side you want to.

2. Add clip on extensions into section.

3. Spiral curl the whole head with a 1-inch curling iron.

4. Spray using light finishing.

Best Products to Use:

We recommend extensions from Snazzy Lites by Gorgeous Strandz. Their extensions are very good quality extensions with bright colors.


You can purchase Blue, Rebel Red and Glamour Green color highlights from Snazzy Lites!

Clip in Hair Extensions 2: Pretty Lady In Pink

Pink clip in hair extensions can be sexy if you wear it the right way. Across from over the top of the hair create a very chic style that will turn heads and make other ladies envy your style. See the pictures below to see how to put in clip in hair extensions in pink on the side across the head. Remember, this is just one idea. You can always style your clip in hair extensions the way you like.

clip in hair extensions pretty lady in pink

pink clip in hair extensions

How to Style your Pink Clip in Hair Extensions:

1. Part your hair to the side

2. Install the color clip in extensions (whichever color your desire), but you have to decide how many rows you want to create the style. Once you do, gauge them up

3. Curl your natural hair under slightly. Make the pieces straight by flat ironing them

4. I recommend you use something like serum to give the hair a smooth and shiny finish

Best Products to Use:

We recommend going with Hair Palette Color Clip-In Extensions. They have them for sale at Sultra (No relations at all).


Browser the colors at Sultra to see the one(s) you like. They have some funky and sexy colors on that site. The same rule applies with whichever color you decide to go with!

Clip in Hair Extensions 3: Natural Red Frame

Natural red framing is a very pretty color for clip in hair extensions, especially for my ladies with round faces. The magenta highlights are trending right now. The best part about natural red frame color extensions is, you really have to be an expert or hair stylist to know they’re not your natural hair!

natural red frame clip in extensions

red frame hair extensions

How to Style Red Frame Clip in Hair Extensions:


Clip in Hair Extensions 4: Royal Blue Highlights

Are you bold enough to get out of your hairstyle comfort zone? Well, if that’s you, the royal blue highlights clip in hair extensions are perfect for you. How about doing it with a short and sassy bob cut?

blue-highlights-hair-extensions royal-blue-highlights-clip-in-hair-extensions


Clip in Hair Extensions 5: Crossed Bun On Fire

The crossed bun is a classy clip in hairstyle that is very classy and stylish. This hairstyle can be worn for wedding, proms, red carpet or just as an everyday hairstyle. It’s easy to do and maintain. This classic look will sure turns head whenever you rock it!

classic-crossed-bun-with-weave-style-pictures crossed-bun-clip-in-weave-hairstyle


Clip in Hair Extensions 6: Lovely and Seductive

Do you like length with your clip in hair extensions? If you answer is yes, this lovely and seductive clip in hair extensions hairstyle is for you. It’s classic, pretty and easy to do. Give this gorgeous hairstyle using clip-in a try and see watch all the man breaking their necks looking at you. Some women too but could be for the wrong attention! LOL

clip-in-hairstyles-with-long-weave long-clip-in-hair-extensions-style


Clip in Hair Extensions 7: Red Carpet Ombre/Blonde

Ombre and blonde colors are known for causing damages to natural hair. Why worrying about that when you can wear your Ombre and blonde hairstyles with clip-in hair extensions! You will not have to worry about the applied colors damaging your natural hair ever. These clip in highlights are fancy and pretty and no one will not they’re not your real hair!

blonde-ombre-clip-in-hairstyles-pictures ombre-clip-in-hair-extensions


Clip in Hair Extensions 8: Bangin’It

Going to a wedding, prom or other formal events and need a quick, sexy and elegant hairstyle? Why not bang’it with quick clip in hair extensions!

bang-clip-in-hair-extensions-style banging-clip-on-hair-extensions


Clip in Hair Extensions 9: Natural Curls

All my natural ladies put your hands up! Well, I used to be natural but I’m rocking this vixen sew-in right now which I love. Ladies, this is a fabulous and gorgeous long and curly natural look that can take hours to do with your real natural hair. But why go through all that when you can still have the natural look in minutes with natural curls clip in hair extensions.



Clip in Hair Extensions 10: The Gorgeous Ponytail Queen

This clip in hair extensions speaks for itself. This is the long, luscious and pretty ponytail. Out of all 10 clip in hair extensions styles, this one is the easiest and fastest to do.

long-ponytail-clip-in-hair-extensions ponytail-with-long-clip-in-extensions


I hope you find your clip in hair extensions styles from this list. It took me a very long time to put this together. By the time you’re done reading this article, you will surely how to put in clip in hair extensions for different styles. You can wear each one of these clip in extensions style any and every day of the week. Enjoy them and please please please share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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