What is My Hair Type? Care for Your Hair Based On Type

what is my hair type

What is my hair type? Every woman desires thick, luscious tresses. Unfortunately, everyone was not blessed with thick hair. There many trick to give the elision of thick hair. One of the many tricks, is drying the hair with a blow-dryer while lifting the hair outward from the head with a brush. There are even dryer attachments with vented prongs that will give the same results with less fuss and a much healthier choice. Thicker hair can take a lot more stress and is less prone to breakage while thin hair is more fragile.

What is my hair type…this is a question most black female finding themselves asking? Do you know your hair type? This article will help you choose the right care for your hair type and texture. There is a hair chart based on curl pattern, some natural ladies find it very useful. I find this a lot more accurate as it helps with caring for hair texture and thickness which in fact is important for healthy hair.

What is my Hair Type?

TYPE A: Fine Hair

Fine hair is the most fragile texture and can be easily be damaged. For those of you with fine hair you may find difficulty holding a style; your hair is light and can fall flat against your head. Be gentle and light handed with products.

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You should seal with light oils such as coconut oil as opposed to heavier oil and butters. Avoid hardcore protein treatments. Try light protein treatments periodically follow by a moisture based conditioner. Avoid chemical treatments as much as possible. If you are relaxed consider texlaxing. To add color to your tresses try herbal colors like henna. Handle hair with care. Style hair in simple protective styles. Use heat infrequently and at low settings.

TYPE B: Medium Hair

Medium hair texture is not as fragile as fine hair and can be manipulated into styles easily. If you have medium textured hair you should seal in moisture with medium coating oils such as extra virgin olive oil and grape seed oil. Hardcore protein once a month for by light protein one ever two weeks is fine. Use a relaxer very infrequently. Try stretching your relaxer as long as possible. Dye hair sparingly. You can enjoy twist outs, braids as always be gentle. Use heat sparingly at low to medium temperature.

TYPE C: Coarse Hair

This hair texture is strong because structurally it contains all three hair layers – the cortex, cuticle and medulla. The medulla, the innermost layer of the hair shaft is pretty much a series of empty spaces. It’s an area filled mostly with air and protein. This hair texture usually takes longer to dry than others, and can be resistant to various chemical treatments. It can tolerate heat well and resist breakage better than the fine or medium hair.

Seal in moisture with healthy hair butter like shea butter. For deeper penetration try to deep condition with heat. Use protein only when necessary as the hair is already strong and needs more moisture as opposed to protein. Remain natural if possible. If relaxed try stretching relaxers because although this hair type is stronger too much manipulation can lead to breakage. Use heat on medium settings.

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This is a guide. It has worked for many women, including me. We hope it works for you. However, We always suggest You do what works best for your hair.

What is my hair type? Do you find yourself asking this question often? Do you follow this chart?

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