Fake Dreads and Locks Trending Alert! Hot or Not?

fake dreads

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Fake dreads trending alert – dreadlocks are referred to as dreads or simply locks, they are matted coils of hair. Dreadlocks are beautiful, in fact, one of our most popular article was on how to style dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are often associated with the Rastafarian movement, but people from many ethnic groups have worn dreadlocks, including many ancient Hamitic people of North and East Africa. Many women and men decide to go natural and eventually “lock” their hair.

Although dreadlocks may look neglected and unkept; its the total opposite dreadlocks require to be maintained and well kept in order to be healthy. Many people are pro dreadlocks because of its faster growth due to the locked ends and its ability to retain all of the hair growth. Locking your hair is a commitment. Some women and men want the look but don’t want to make the commitment; in those cases fake dreads is the way to go.

faux dreadlocks

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Fake dreads are installed similar to braids and twists. They are great as a protective style and are very much on trend. Many women use colored dreadlocks hair to uniform their hair color. Many women find this style convenient as it can last up to 12 weeks.

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Many people have mixed feelings about fake dreads style. Its either for you or its not. Hair should be fun. Try it and see. You might fall in love with fake dreads.

Fake Dreads or Faux Dreadlocks Pictures

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