Protective Styles vs Low Manipulation Hair Styles (Video)

protective styles vs manipulation hairstyles

Protective styles vs low manipulation hair styles – protective styling is imperative to retaining length and gaining long beautiful locks. Having the ends of your hair tucked away nicely will help you retain moisture, increase hair’s elasticity and lessen breakage. Some women use protective hair styles as their growth aid. There are many protective styling challenges where a groups of women challenge each other as well as support one another to go a certain period of time doing just protective styles. People gain a lot of lengths from those challenges.

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Protective Styles

Some people use protective styles and low manipulation hair styles interchangeably but they are not mutually exclusive. Both help in length retention however, protective styling might be better because the ends being tucked away helps moisture retention and lessens breakage.

Low Manipulation Hair Styles

A low manipulation style is any style that requires minimal styling. Ex. Twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs. While a protective style is any style that keep the ends tucked up and away. Ex. Buns, braids, sew-ins

Using these methods can increase length however, like everything else, there are some cons. Meggan (ulovemegz) shares these cons and her experience with protective styles and low manipulation hairstyles. Press Play.

Video Credit: ulovemegz

I incorporate both protective styles and manipulation styles to my regimen. I protective style 95% and use low manipulation styles 4%. You just have to find what works best for you and your hair. I have experienced tangled hair when I do braid outs. Read all about it here.

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