Wedding Hairstyles for Long, Short, Half-up, Medium and Thin Hair

wedding hairstyles for long hair

The trick to select a hairstyle that best suits you in your wedding is a challenging task. Don’t worry about finding a trendy style, since superb wedding hairstyles exist for every type of hair for every type of woman. Below you’ll find wedding hairstyle ideas for thin hair, short hair, medium hair, Half-up/down, long hair etc. But we assumed most of you will be looking at wedding hairstyles for long hair!

Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair is best styled with the bangs in mind and without layering. After all, layering emphasizes thinness, not beauty. The “Glamozon” style is among many where long hair is curled loosely and sprayed. A bob cut can work with a heart-shaped face, and for straighter hair, a blunt cut, treated with volumizing shampoo will look beautiful.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Bobs are in, but remember, a longer face won’t look as good in a bob as it will with a pulled-back look. When there is less hair, emphasize the shine and use products that will make it glow and stand out. The visual effect equals the volume of more hair. Hair with more body can flow more freely with bangs that frame the face for a stunning look.

Wedding hairstyles for Long Hair Depend More on the Dress

Long hair is, of course, more versatile. A longer gown calls for the hair to hang down and flow like the patterns on the fabric of the dress. If the dress puffs, so should the hair, most stylists say. If the dress leaves the shoulders uncovered, the hair can be up or down, but this dress option allows more options for long hair to be up.

Wedding Hairstyles for Half-up or Down?

That usually depends on the dress, too. Spend some time in the mirror-no one has to coax you to try on your dress. Uncovered shoulders invite the hair to be up in back so long as the bun doesn’t make the head look too big. For longer hair, it can be pulled back and tied with a very loose band to hang down the back, or split with the band to hang half behind and half in front of the shoulders. This will work for straight or curly hair.

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair offers Luxury of Choice

Medium hair doesn’t mean middle-of-the road, generic style. Rather, it permits for a mix of any of the styles for other hair types. Styles only matters in terms of the shape of the face, and to a lesser extent, the design and appearance of the dress relative to the hair style. Because medium hair means less overall limitations, wedding styles for medium hair can really be whimsical choices.

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