Shaved Sides Hairstyles – How to Grow SSH Without Chopping Off your Hair!

women with shaved sides hairstyles

How to grow shaved sides hairstyles without chopping your hair off. Do you want to try something new? Would you like to grow your shaved side out. We can help you do that in 2 simple ways. Style It or Weave It.

Shaved Sides Hairstyles

1. Style It

  • Middle part hairstyles. Middle part hairstyles are great as they can help you disquise the shaved side.
  • Pull your hair back with hair pomade and jazz it up with a scarf.

shaved sides hairstyles without hair chop

2. Weave It

  • You can add extensions for added length. You can add colored extensions for a whole different look and incorporate step 1 by wearing a middle part.
  • You can add sew-in extensions. With this style theres no fuss. It is a great protective style which will help you retain length.
  • Braids: corn-rows, box/Janet braids, twist. Are all great protective styles that will protect your hair from harsh weather and elements.

shaved sides hairstyles

We suggest that you continue following your healthy hair routine of deep conditioning weekly, moisturizing daily, hot oil treatments and so forth even with shaved sides hairstyles.

Whether you are using method 1 or 2, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that your hair grows about half and inch a month so patience is needed to grow shaved sides hairstyles without chopping your hair off.

Half Shaved Sides Hairstyles Pictures

Are you patient enough to grow out your shaved sides hairstyles? which method  do you prefer?

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