Sew In Hairstyles For Black or African-American Women

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Sew-in Hairstyles for black or African-American women – some women use different sew in hairstyles as a protective styles, others prefer to rock hair extensions to switch things up. Whatever your reasons are, we are not judging you. As black women, we are entitled to switch things up and try different hairstyles and extensions allow us to do just that.

What are Sew in Hairstyles

Sew in Hairstyles are hair extensions techniques that can be achieved by using human or synthetic hair. The sew in hairstyles are tightly sewed in unto the cornrow braids against the scalp or against a wave cap.

how to do sew in hairstyles weave

Types of Sew in Hairstyles

Many black or African-American women prefer sew in hairstyles over wigs because the sew in looks more natural. In the recent years, individuals have come up with many ideas for sew-in hair extensions. Some women make sew-ins into a wave cap to create their own wigs. What’s the purpose you asked? They are able to make it their own.

Some women sew the hair into a U-PART WIG. A sew in U-part Wig is a wig that is sewn into a wave cap leaving a U-Shaped hole to display the natural hair. Thus leaving out the U-part give the sew in hairstyle a more natural look.

Using the same sew in a wave cap method: Full sew in hairstyles can be achieved (full wigs). A FRONT LACE CLOSURE can also be done.

sew-in weave hair

The latest and hottest sew in hairstyle is the Vixen Sew In. Read more about it hereAnother popular sew-in hairstyle is the Versatile Sew-In. These two sew in hairstyles are particular hot and popular because very few people can tell they are not your natural hair. They fit into your natural hair and scalp nicely. They are extremely pretty! You can rock both vixen and versatile sew-in in short, long, and medium styles.

The techniques above are “modern day” sew in hairstyles. The more traditional way is to sewn the weave unto the braids agaisnt the scalp.

It requires braiding the clients natural hair. Leaving out the part that will cover the extensions or not for a full sew in style. Then proceed to sew in the extension.

Video Credit: lizlizlive

Sew in Hairstyles for Natural Hair

For natural hair divas, full sew in hairstyles are suggested or using hair extensions that is close to the natural hair texture for easy blend-ability. Naturals, can always go for a more straight look by flat ironing the “leave out”, but be aware of heat damage.

Video Credit: Godzdesign1

Sew in Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair ladies can experiment with different hair textures. But of course the smarter thing to do is stick to a hair extensions that are closer to your own for less stress on the “leave out”. Again, heat damage is real. Be cautious.

How to Maintain Sew in Hairstyles

Sew in hairstyles can last up to 3 months with the proper care. Sew in hairstyles on black or African-American women should be shampooed every week or 2. The hair should be fully dried out as wet hair will cause mildew. Depending on the braiding pattern the hair can be oiled to relieve dry scalp. The braids can be moisturized with a spray moisturizer or braid spray. Do not neglect your leave out. Deep condition it , regularly. Moisturize it, always. Use a heat protectant prior to using heat. Try finger roll the leave out to avoid daily usage of heat.

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How to Make Your Sew in Weave Look Natural

Video Credit: afrolengths

How to Do Versatile & Vixen Sew-In Hairstyles/Weave Yourself

Video Credit: peakmill

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