Red Hair Color Ideas – Try These Two Tone Hair Colors

red hair color ideas

Two tone hair color ideas! Get everyone’s attention with this two-tone red weave couture. Start of by adding fire engine at the crown and a deep cherry red at the bottom. After the wig is dry cut a few layers to add some texture and a little bit of bounce to it. Then using a 1.5” curling iron add some curls towards the end of the wig to add some flavor to your bold hot look. Don’t forget to add heat protection the wig before you apply heat to it. Now strut your stuff down Peachtree Blvd. and watch how all the envious eyes will be following you.

Red Hair Color Ideas: Two Tone Hair Colors

When it is time to settle in for the night make sure you wrap it using a silk wrap. This type of wrap is a better material for your hair and will feel more comfortable to sleep with. Wrapping it over time will loosen the curls but they will still maintain their natural flow style.