3 Reasons Why Your Hair Growth is Stunted – Natural Hair Journey

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For a lot of black women, going natural was a choice made to get away from unhealthy products and to maximize hair growth. Of course, obtaining beautiful kinks and curls is an added bonus. But what happens when you start your natural hair journey, only to find out that your hair isn’t growing as it should? That’s it’s breaking off more than it’s growing and actually appears to be shrinking?

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Your first thought may be that you’re doing something wrong and need to switch your products and hair care regimen, which indeed could be the case. But there are multiple culprits for stunted hair growth, which is why you should eliminate all factors before making any changes during your natural hair journey.

3 Reason Why Your Hair Growth is Stunted – Natural Hair Journey

So let’s get into the three top reasons why most women witness stunted hair growth.

#1: You Continue to Use Chemical Hair Products

why not to use chemical filled hair products

Simply giving up relaxers during your natural hair journey isn’t going to be enough to restore your hair to its natural glory. You also have to give up other chemical hair products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes and styling agents. Rather than going with brands that use chemicals like sulphur, parabens and alcohol, you should resort to natural ingredients like brahmi, shikakai, amla and extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil.

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#2: You Don’t Use a Shower Head Filter

use shower head filter to remove chemical

The damage that chlorine causes to your hair can be detrimental. Chlorine isn’t only used in pool water, but is also used to treat city water as well. So unless you have well water, it is very likely that your tap water is filled with chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that are drying out and damaging your hair and scalp. Your best bet is to switch your shower head with one that filters out these chemicals in order to speeding up your hair growth during your natural hair journey.

You Use Unneeded Protein Treatments

deep protein treatments for natural hair

There’s a trend going around in the natural community that consists of using protein treatments for chemically processed and damaged hair. But I for one have never used it and have had no issues with my hair growth (my hair is to my tailbone and I didn’t do the big chop). However, I hear a lot of naturalistas complaining about their hair becoming hard, brittle and dry. This is especially so for transitioners. I say dump the protein treatments and focus on moisturizers and protective hair styles and watch your natural hair journey becomes a success.

These are are only some of the common culprits for stunted hair growth during a natural hair journey. If you are witnessing crazy hair fall and breakage and haven’t eliminated these issues, you should definitely do so to see if it helps!

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