Twisted Hair Styles for Girls – How to Twist Natural Hair and Afro

how to twist natural hair

Doing your daughter or a child’s hair can be a little challenging at times. They either don’t want to sit still, they think you are brushing too tight or all of a sudden they have to go to the, “potty,” thirty times in less than ten minutes. The hairstyle alone can be a tough decision as well. You want something that does not have a lot of pulling on her hair as well as a lot of sitting time. Twisted hair styles/twist out Afro is an adorable hairstyle for little girls. Keep reading to find out how to twist natural hair styles and Afros.

The only problem is getting your daughter to sit down during the short twisting process and what to do during the sometimes long drying stage. Doing her hair while she is sleep can be efficient but very time consuming. Not to mention the risk of waking her up. The next time you want to try those twisted hair styles try having her sit in an office chair that can turn around. Sit it in front of a television playing her favorite tv show. After the the twist part is done KEEP HER BUSY. Have her go outside to play, do her nails or you can have her sit and watch her favorite movie.

How to Twist Natural Hair & Afro

Twist out Afro procedure:

  • Twist her hair in plaques using your favorite leave conditioner.
  • Let the hair sit for a few hours or until the hair is curly and defined.
  • Comb her hair with your fingers and style it out.
  • This hairstyle can also be a done at night and token down in the morning the next day.

How to Twist Natural Hair Video Tutorial

Here is a cute video a mother filmed and produced of her daughters journey of the twist out Afro procedure. In this video the mother does not say a word she lets her daughter entertain the world by showing us the procedure and things that can be done during the waiting stage. Watch how to twist natural hair of your child while keeping her calm and collected.

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