Protective Hairstyles for Black Women – Grow Longer, Healthy Hair

protective hairstyles

Protective hairstyles for black women – growing up, I was told to braid my hair for long periods of time and my hair would grow. I grew up to believe that “braids grow hair” which is a myth; rather protective styling helps with length retention. Protective styling requires low to no manipulation but that doesn’t me “neglect” you should continue with oiling the scalp and moisturize and seal 2-3 times a week , if possible. When protective styling with braids and sew-ins it can be tough to moisture. In those cases, we suggest a moisturizer in the spray form.

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Protective hairstyles for Black Women

2 Steps to growing long luscious hair. Moisture and seal your strands for longer and healthier hair.


Protective hairstyles for Black Women :: What is Protective Hairstyling?

Any hairstyle that protects your hair especially your ends from harsh weather, excessive heat, low/no manipulation hairstyles.

Protective Hairstyles for Black Women :: Types of Protective hairstyles

Braid-outs,  Bantu knots, twist-outs, sew-ins, braids of any kind, buns, up-dos, flexi-rod sets etc.
The benefits of protective hairstyling.

No / low manipulation hairstyles help avoid unnecessary shedding / breakage. Wearing your hair down is cute but that will eventually lead to breakage: the ends rubbing constantly against your shirt will also cause dry ends. Tucking your ends away is the absolute the best thing you can do for your hair; your ends will remain moisturized longer and will be less prone to breakage.

protective hairstyles for black women

It can be difficult to transition from wearing your hair down everyday to wearing buns. I would say try different styles: flexi-rod sets are some of my absolute favorite protective hairstyles for black women follow by high buns for going out and low buns for everyday.


Wearing the same bun overtime can be boring. You can jazz your protective hairstyles for black women with hair clips, headbands, scarfs etc. wearing the same protective hairstyle can also cause tension to the same spot and can overtime cause breakage, avoid tight hairstyles and switch it up: high bun, low bun, braid-outs and so forth.

protective styles for natural hair

I protective style my hair 99% of the time. I wear my hair down on special occasions. Protective styling works!!!

protective hairstyles

Will you try protective styling? Which style will you try? Braids, Braid-out, High-bun, Flexi-rod set, or Round braid?

[Photo Credit: Sophia Clerius]

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